10+ Types of Girls You'll Meet at the Gym (2024)

Types of Girls at the Gym

Gym and girls, ah…..sounds like a match made in heaven. If you have been working out at the gym, you might have noticed a trend in the types of girls at the gym making their appearance. Haven’t you? In fact, you would be surprised to know that in a survey conducted by Kettler around 50% of people admitted that they visit fitness centers to check out the opposite sex or meeting girls at gym. Furthermore, almost one-third of people who participated in the same survey admitted that never broke a sweat. 

Another interesting study commissioned by Nuffield Health found that today around 10.5% of people are living with someone they met at the gym. Apparently, we can say that gym is the new place to find your date, forget about swiping right on tinder. Today, we are going to show you 10+ types of girls that you’re bound to meet at the gym in 2024.

1) The Fashionista

Though many of us won’t mind what they wear to the gym. But, there are fashionistas that are dressed in fashionable gear from top to bottom, and they never ever repeat an outfit. You can take cues from them on how to look stylish at the gym. 

beauties gym girls
Image Credit: Pinterest (gym girls | gym beauties)

best gym girls I How can I be stylish in gym

2) Miss Makeup

These girls are not hard to spot at the gym. They enter the gym wearing a full-face of makeup, contoured to the max, which left us wondering they are there.

gym girls image

3) Gossip Girls (Chatterbox) 

No gym is complete without gossip girls. They tend to be found in a big group or in small pairs gossiping about anything to everything. They keep on chatting with their gang as if they are meeting after years, and won’t get another chance to meet them again after the workout session ends.

girls in gym - meeting girls at the gym

4) Selfie-Obsessed (Social Media Buff) 

To these gym girls, workout sessions won’t be completed until they post a selfie on Instagram and Snapchat using hashtags like #LegDay #NoPainNoGain #FitnessGoals #Lifting #Cardio #GymDiet #NewShoes, etc. They love to call themselves social media influencers. This is one of the most common types of girls you meet at the gym. 

gym girls selfie photo
Image Credit: Instagram (gym babes)

5) The Boyfriend Seeker 

These are the kinds of girls that keep eyeing every potential target at the gym. You will meet such women at gym flocking around the ripped guys asking for fitness tips, or how to use a particular machine. Obviously, these girls don’t hit the gym to become fit. There is a hidden motive that is clearly seen through the ways they hang out with gym buffs and asking for fitness tips.

gym chicks - best gym cuties - girls fitness pic
Image Credit: Pamela Instagram (fitness girls)

types of gym girls

6) The Girl With Abs

Rare, but there. These are the gym girls who love to flaunt their abs wearing a tiny cropped top.

gym chicks pic - gym girls fitness image
Image Credit: Heba Ali Instagram (gym chicks)

gym girls fitness
Image Credit: Pinterest (workout girls)

7) The Texter

These women at the gym move their fingers more than their feet on the exercise bikes.

Texter gym

8) The “Minds Her Own Business” Girl 

She enters the gym, puts her headphones on, and enjoys her favorite songs at the highest volume, finishes her workout regimen then goes home!

gym girls hot beauties
Image Credit: Instagram stephanie sanzo (gym girl photo)

9) The Complainer

Almost every gym member has heard that girl who whines and groans with every repetition. She is often seen walking around the gym floor and complaining she’s completely exhausted. 

Complainer at gym
Image Credit: Pinterest

10) New Year Newbies

You will hardly see these girls during summers, but in the midst of winter when New Year begins, you can spot these rare gym-goers in their brand new sneakers, sports bra, and shiny yoga pants. Every year they take the gym membership with a fresh resolution to become fit. 

fitness for girls
Image Credit: Pinterest

11) The Equipment Hoarder

Equipment hoarding is something very common in both men and women. You'll find many girls in the gym hoarding machine or equipment that you want to use. They are the ones who think they own the gym. 

Girls at gym I Equipment Hoarder

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How to approach or pick up girls at the gym without looking creepy? 

If you want to meet girls at the gym, ask her out, or flirt with her, here's what you can do - 1) Approach with confidence 2) compliment her outfit instead of body 3) Wear nice clothes and perfume 4) Don't interrupt her in the middle of a set or a workout (timing is everything) 5) Ask her for help. 

2) If a girl stalks or stares at you at the gym, how do you know if she likes you? 

If a girl looks at you in the gym, it means she is appreciating your physical appearance. And, if she is interested in you, she will give signals like keep checking you out, smiles when she looks at you, workout near you, take gym equipment next to you, or ask you about your diet, supplements, etc. 

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