Corporate Jewelry Etiquette - 5 Tips To Shine At Work

Corporate Jewelry Etiquette - 5 Tips To Shine At Work

Not sure about what would be the appropriate accessory to carry at your workplace!? Are you worried about those hoop earrings being too loud according to your office environment!? Or, about that minimal moonstone ring being too irrelevant?

Relax! We’ve all been there. In this blog, we will discuss the latest and trendiest corporate jewelry styles based on various formal occasions to save you from the deadly confusion like these. Before going further, let’s first understand why you need to wear office jewelry in the first place!


Before exploring the full range of styling tips, it is first essential to understand why professional jewelry or corporate jewelry (whatever you may want to call it), holds great importance. Jewelry, since the early ages, had a significant impact on conceiving a person’s image, especially that of a woman. Fast forward to today; this has continued to make an impact to date.

While talking about the professional look, jewelry helps in uplifting the overall appearance. Appropriate, occasion-specific, and place-specific jewelry, if carried nicely, will convey elegance, and give you an edge above others. Depending on the type of jewelry that you wear, it will also be responsible for portraying a strong personality of yourself.

Everything mentioned above already must have to build your curiosity about the latest office jewelry trends for 2020. So without wasting much time and keeping your interest alive, let’s quickly explore the infinite possibilities of wearing jewelry in the office and knowing some thumb rules for the same. For those of you curious souls, I’ve added a bonus tip at the end of the blog post. But before reaching there, let’s first understand some essential corporate jewelry tips for 2020.
Here, we go one by one, based on different occasions and events: 


Although each day at your workplace is unique, there are still days when you know nothing unusual is going to happen (keeping your boss’s bad mood aside).

The rule of thumb for those days is to wear comfortable office jewelry.

It should not divert you from your work and responsibilities. This will include your wristwatch, as well. Nobody wants dangling jewelry pieces on regular days. You don’t want to be moving around in your office, making a lot of trickling noise and distracting yourself and everyone trying to work. So wearing pleasant jewelry will be the best and the safest option for those predictable monotonous days.

Jewelry for ROUTINE DAYS


There are days when you have corporate meetings—the ones with the top-level management where your appearance matter as much as your power-point presentations. Obviously, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in front of their judging faces.

Those days require particular thought and attention to your corporate jewelry because that will leave an impression on your seniors, and you don’t want a bad one.

Here the rule of thumb is to be minimalist.

An elegant moonstone ring will do just fine or maybe a pair of beautiful opal necklace to add to the grace. Here, the saying ‘less is always more’ works absolutely perfect. Never overdo your jewelry here!



On days when you have client meetings, you are a bit extra cautious than the rest of your days about everything. You want everything to be in just the right place. Isn’t it? It’s not only you; this is the natural tendency of every human.

You understand sub-cautiously your appearance or looks get registered in the mind of the person you are meeting. This, in turn, affects their decisions without them even realizing it. So, you want to carry your best and apt appearance. Just to be on the safe side, opt for fine jewelry or precious stones. This is a rule of thumb for days like these. Here your corporate jewelry will play a significant role.



Whether you are appearing for an interview for any job or are in the interview panel yourself, the jewelry, or the accessories that you wear will have a significant impact on your performance. It will alter your chances of getting selected or the way the interviewee responds.

Here, the rule of thumb for corporate jewelry is, it should not be too flashy.

If it is, then it will distract the other person from what you are saying. All your preparations and questions will go in vain, and the interviewer or the interviewee will be diverted and dazzled. Also, he will retain very minimal information from the interview. The thing that you least want.

Jewelry for job INTERVIEWS


Thankfully, your office is not the kind that does not have any social gatherings. Although formal, every once in a while, you have dinner parties where you get a chance to meet all the employees of your organization under one roof. The evening brings with itself a lot of merriment.

But, you’re always stuck with the thought of what look you will carry. What corporate jewelry should you be wearing outside the office?

Here, the rule of thumb to follow is to wear bold statement pieces that are elegant yet stylish.


These will make you stand out. You can wear dangles or if you’re a tech-freak, enhance the look with a smartwatch and a beautiful, bold ring.
We have discussed some of the prominent office days and events where you might get confused about the choice you make regarding what jewelry to wear.

Now it’s time for the bonus tip, which is universal! So, here it is right next to this line.


Whatever you decide to wear, wherever you go, regardless of the formal function you attend, the universal rule is to not exceed the limit of three professional jewelry pieces.

Be it earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, or even your wristwatch. Overdoing will only take away the grace and elegance. And, instead of uplifting your jewelry game, it will deteriorate the otherwise flawless appearance.

Along with that, you obviously don’t want to give away the impression of a hippie during formal gatherings. (*There is no intention to hurt the sentiments of any specific community)
So, now you’re well equipped with the information you need to know the latest formal jewelry trends in 2020 and what is required to enhance your official appearance. You now know the secrets that will make you stand out in the crowd.

I hope this blog post helped you. You will never miss out on the professional jewelry styling tips next time you are going for any formal meetings or corporate party.

Also, you should keep on experimenting every now and then. Remember, you know the rules, just add your flavor to it. This is because I believe everyone has their own ways of doing things that differentiate them from others.

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