What to Wear with Men's Sandals (Style Guide 2024)

What To Wear With Men's Sandals (Style Guide 2024)

No matter what the occasion, you should choose the right footwear as it can make or break an outfit. Men's sandals are the new wardrobe essentials because of their versatility, functionality, comfort, and style. They provide the comfort of slippers and the elegance of shoes. You can wear them with a wide range of outfits on various occasions. They are made of suede, leather, and canvas. You can find sandals for men in fashionable styles and attractive colors.


Men's sandals are often called mandals. Although they have been in existence since ancient times, they gained popularity during the 19th century. Both men’s and women’s sandals used to have a protective sole and a strap. It was not easy earlier to distinguish between men’s and women’s sandals. 

With the evolution of fashion, designers started creating a wide range of designs in sandals for both men and women. Earlier, sandals were preferred only for holidays and leisurely walks. Recently, there has been a new Renaissance of men's sandals. The footwear is now preferred for all occasions. In the present day, you can find formal and casual sandals for men in various designs. 

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Types of Men's Sandals

You can broadly categorize sandals for men into two types: formal and casual

The formal sandals are ideal for office, formal parties, and business events. Instead of formal shoes that can feel uncomfortable at times, you can opt for an elegant pair of formal sandals. Especially in the monsoon season, they can be your savior when you are going to work. 

Casual sandals are stylish, sturdy, and airy. If you love spending time outdoors, you must have a couple of them in your wardrobe. You can team them with your favorite casual outfits to look stylish and feel comfortable. 

When you are going out for a vacation, you can carry a pair of cool casual sandals for sightseeing. The comfortable footwear will protect you from painful blisters. Although sneakers are great for traveling, you might want breathable footwear, especially when you are in a tropical country. 

cool casual sandals

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As open-toed sandals are available in various styles, you should choose them according to your style. If you are a courageous person, you can choose slider or hiking-style sandals for a great adventure. Birkenstock sandals are ideal for people who are looking for maximum comfort. If you are looking for a pair of designer and high street shoes, you can always go for a pair of black leather sandals. 

Style Guide for Men's Sandals

Men's sandals are in vogue because you can wear them with everything that you own in your wardrobe. You must know how to style this comfortable and fashionable footwear with the right outfit. A wrong choice of footwear can spoil your entire look. The following style guide will help you look stylish and feel comfortable and stay stress-free from the hassle of what to wear with men's sandals. 

1) Earlier, the idea of traditional formal wear with sandals never existed. With changing fashion trends, men have started prioritizing their comfort along with style. The first rule to wear men’s sandals with formal wear is to avoid socks. Opt for a pair of classic black or navy blue sandals that do not have any pattern or logo. Team it with dark trousers that match the color of your footwear. Wear a white collar shirt and a neutral blazer to make a great style statement. 

2) During summer, you can try the combination of graphic T-shirts and chinos with casual sandals. Birkenstock sandals in grey, black, or earthy shades will be a great choice when you are sporting the street smart casual look. 

3) Men’s leather sandals and jeans are a classic combination. If you are wondering how to wear sandals with jeans, we suggest you opt for slim fit light wash jeans with the laid-back footwear instead of dark ripped skinny jeans. 

4) Ethnic sandals for men are perfect for ethnic occasions such as festivals and weddings. Team a pair of brown ethnic sandals with a yellow Kurta and white pajamas to look dapper. 

ethnic sandals with a yellow Kurta and white pajamas

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5) When you are attending an office event, you can wear wide-legged trousers and a striped shirt with a pair of strapped leather men's sandals. Although it is not a traditional office look, the footwear will make it a smart semi-formal look. Opt for brown or black leather when you are choosing your footwear. 

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6) Men's sandals and shorts are a classy, laid-back style. A well-fitted T-shirt with denim shorts will look great with sandals in vibrant colors. Instead of black, brown, and navy, opt for maroon and orange for a fun look. 

7) You can opt for a pair of crocs casual sandals when you are going for a weekend getaway. If you have to explore a new place walking, you must carry comfortable and functional footwear that will provide comfort to your feet. 

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Tips For Wearing Men's Sandals 

Now that you know how to style sandals for men, you should know a few essential tips. 

1) Take good care of your feet. Sandals will not look good on you if your feet look unhealthy. Soak your feet in a bucket of water, clean your nails, and apply a moisturizer to keep your feet healthy. 

2) If you are confused regarding buying the right sandals, opt for black leather ones. They will work in both casual and semi-formal occasions. 

3) If you are wearing denim jeans or trousers with sandals, roll them up gently by one fold. 

If you follow the style guide and the tips, you will stay fashion-forward always. The fashionable casual and formal men's sandals are the new wardrobe staple. Visit Mochi Shoes right away and browse through the exquisite collection of stylish men's sandals for every occasion. 

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