5 Ways To Rock Every Outfit While Travelling

traveling outfit guide for girls

Traveling is one of the best moments to release the boredom associated with a familiar environment and reconnect with your inner self. One area which brings a great challenge is what to carry while traveling. With airlines charging more on baggage and the challenges associated with dragging heavy bags along, it’s wise that you pack light to make your traveling affordable. But it's also nerve-wracking to ensure that you don't forget to carry all your fashion essentials and then you have to spend extra dollars on shopping for buying such items in the destination city. It’s possible to balance all these packing needs and create a rocking outfit package for every traveling occasion.

Below are five ways to rock every outfit while traveling

1. Travel Light by Packing Clothes which have Coordinating Colors

One trick of keeping your outfits rocking while traveling is packing clothes which have coordinating colors. This is key in ensuring light packing and also helps you to quickly make color combinations which are in harmony during your trip. I would suggest that you select three coordinating colors and pack clothes which bear that theme. Long casual dresses tend to fit so well in this category. Go for those which are stretchy, are crisp-free, and which match with other apparel.

girl wearing yellow dress- cool shades

Having clothes which are matching will give you wide combination options, ensure that you are fully prepared for different occasions, and keep you rocking during the whole trip. Select the colors depending on where you are going, the nature of the visit, and the activities you plan to immerse yourself in once you are there.

2. Pack One Stunning and Flexible Outfit

One trick of dressing impressively and still ensuring that you pack light is choosing an outfit which is flexible for different occasions. For instance, if you expect to have a meet-up with friends during the trip, you can go for long casual dresses. This is better than packing a skirt, a blouse, and also a blazer to complement the blouse. Going for the long casual dresses will mean that you have just picked one piece of clothing instead of 3 thus saving much on the packing space.

For men, a pair of multipurpose slacks, a flexible blazer, and a white shirt will do for a formal occasion during the trip. These pieces of clothing can be reused for other purposes such as taking a street walk or even going for trekking in the mountains. They are thus better off than one official wear which will only be used for the official meeting but is not flexible enough to be used for other trip activities.

3. Bring Some Accessories

beautiful girl wearing flower earrings accessories

Accessories serve to style the outfit and leave you looking quite stunning. They are also effective in defining your style and creating a certain uniqueness which makes you stand out. The good thing with most of the accessories is that they don’t occupy much packing space. This said, don’t over pack accessories.

I would suggest that you carry a maximum of 10. These could include a vintage watch, several pairs of ear cuffs earrings, a chain or a necklace and cocktail rings. Don’t forget your makeup. Include it in your traveling bag too. With a few tweaks and tricks, you can use these accessories to get a complete turnaround on your looks and enhance your outfits.

4. Mind your Workout Regime

In the past, it was rare to see people traveling in their workout gear. But the trend is slowly changing. It’s easy to spot travelers in the airport wearing their sporting clothes. Thus casual wear and sporting gear are slowly becoming fashionable especially for traveling occasions. You can choose to wear your sporting gear while traveling or pack it in your traveling bag. It will come handy when you want to exercise in your Metroflex gym tee.

Such clothing can also be useful during trekking or when taking long walks around the city. This flexibility should give you one more reason to include them in your packing list.

5. Mix the Shoes

Choose shoes which go well with different types of outfits. Have a mix of colorful shoes and also some solid color shoes but don’t overpack. For ladies, 3-5 pairs of flexible shoes can do while for men 2 to 4 pairs will be just enough. I would suggest that you have stylish sneakers, comfortable walking shoes, low boots and perhaps a pair of sandals for the evenings and also for seashore activities.


It’s possible to dress stunningly even when traveling. The key strategy to a stunning outfit is choosing clothes which match, creating a unique personal dressing concept and packing shoes which harmonize with the rest of the outfits. It’s also important to emphasize your looks by going for accessories which are classy, luxurious, and which best define you. 


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