Keep Summer Vibes Alive When (You're Under House Arrest)

Cool Ways To Keep Summer Vibes Alive

The Coronavirus situation changes every day, more and more people are being quarantined (under home arrest) or self - isolated not to get the virus. So, how to have a great summer at home if you can’t go out? What to do to entertain yourself staying at home? Here are some unique AF ideas on how to have a good time being at home.

A new Coronavirus pandemic forces people to stay at home in summer and invent ways to spend a quarantine time and self-isolation. Experts advise denizens of cities affected by the disease to spend less time in crowded places and stay at home.

Thus, the question arises: what to do and what summer at-home activities are available for people? The following summer fun at home ideas will help you not get bored and spend your summertime well.

Ways to Make Your Summer Unforgettable

1. Start Your Blog

It is not necessary to create another website about Coronavirus. Choose a topic you are interested in and start discussing it with other people on the internet. In such away, you can get acquainted with new people and not get bored during the summer at-home quarantine. A blog can become a way to express yourself, the basis for business, or additional earnings. For example, if you have a hobby, your blog can help monetize your hobby. The blog helps you think, develop, and be disciplined.

Start Your Blog

2. Say Hello To Meditation 

Meditation techniques will help you achieve harmony during your summer quarantine. At the physical level, meditation relieves stress, improves memory and trains concentration, improves self-control, lowers blood pressure, normalizes metabolism, and lowers heart rate. But the main thing is what we get on a subconscious level - peace of mind. That's what we need during our summer self-isolation. Meditation is a return to joy, love, and peace. As soon as you start to meditate, harmony enters the heart, and problems disappear. That's what we need during our summer at-home quarantine.

Say Hello To Meditation

3. Find Your Partner (Online) 

If you wanted to meet your ideal partner, but you didn't have enough time to do this before, summer quarantine is perfect. Try summer activities at home for adults and register on a dating platform. Most of the dating sites have many profiles of beautiful women and men and a lot of possibilities for online dating. According to the reviews on the best dating sites, dating platforms can help you find a soul mate. 

Find Your Partner

4. Color Your Hair 

Dye your hair a new summer color. Experiment with different hairstyles; like no one has seen you before. Perhaps this summer at-home activity will help you to find the perfect image for yourself.

Color Your Hair

5. Update Your CV

When did you update your CV or portfolio for the last time? It is always useful to have a ready-made up-to-date CV, even if you will not change your job right now: what if you find a dream job with a big salary or a great internship this summer? Or you just decide to get the summer at-home jobs? Keep in mind that your CV should show what benefits you can bring to a potential employer. 

6. Make a Video Session

Being able to talk on Skype with your relatives or friends who are far away is one of humanity's greatest achievements. However, in everyday life, we do not often use it because we are always in a hurry or prefer to send messages. Since you are staying at home this summer, arrange a video session with your grandmother, a friend from another country, or even a friend who lives next door. You can always have fun even if you have to have summer at home, COVID quarantine.

Make a Video

7. Write a Play 

Write a play for a theatrical performance together with your family members. Use a video chat to make a performance together with your relatives or friends. Summer at home quarantine must not be an obstacle for you to feel yourself a superstar.

Here are some simple recommendations of the Ministry of Health on how to not catch a virus.

● Avoid contact with people with symptoms of the common cold and SARS;
● Avoid crowded public areas;
● Wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible;
● Wear a disposable medical mask in public places and transport;
● Regularly ventilate the room you are living in;
● Regularly do wet cleaning in the room you are living in;
● Make a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, stick to a balanced diet, and exercise regularly;
● If you have symptoms of SARS, call a doctor immediately.


Summer at home quarantine is not the end of days! On the contrary, it is a great opportunity to devote your summertime to family, self-development, learning new skills, reading, participating in the latest Instagram challenges like Pillow Challenge, Dalgona Coffee, etc. If you approach wisely to summer quarantine and self-isolation, it will bring benefits. Use this summer at home ideas and make good use of quarantine time!

How do you spend your quarantine time? What summer at home fun ideas can you advise? Share your quarantine experience.

Guest Author 

Sherry is a counselor and been worked in many projects with a lot of companies throughout the country within a year. She discusses and writes on the topics of relationships, wellness, and lifestyle. 

Guest Author Sherry

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