Pillow Challenge – Have You Tried This Quarantine Look Yet?

Pillow Challenge Latest Quarantine Look

When stay-at-home orders first entered into force, the initial days were spend in apprehending about the future and contemplating the next few phases of uncertainty. 

But let’s face the truth, this lockdown has provided us with the much-needed break from the daily humdrum (especially for those, like me, who are fastened to a demanding corporate job!). With the absence of domestic help, doing the household chores has become inevitable. While some people are finding this never-ending lockdown exhausting, but for others, stay-at-home has certainly turned them to a trendsetter!

Ok. So, you’ve cleaned all your closets, mastered the art of making Dalgona coffee and banana bread, tried the various TikTok workout and dance challenges and there’s nothing more to do. What’s next? Wear a pillow as a dress! The Pillow Challenge is the new fashion trend that is creating waves on social media. The question is, should you choose to accept it? Well, you should because thousands of people are trying this out and trust me, this is way more fun! But first, let’s explore what is this latest fashion trend all about and how it came into play. Ready? Let’s dive in! 

The Pillow Challenge – What is It?

Are you poor in gardening, singing or dancing? Is cooking or other domestic skills not your cup of tea? Don’t worry! You’ve got something new to try your hands at! It is called the #PillowChallenge where you don’t need to knead, cook or sew. Just strip yourself naked, wear a pillow as a dress, accessorize (if you want) and look hot.  

A ‘challenge’ that has no rhyme or reason, it is just pure fun that is worth a try when you are stuck at home. This easiest yet unique quarantine fashion trend was first started by @stylebynelli and @myforteisfashion in April on Instagram and since then, there has been no looking back! It is now popular on the internet under the hashtags #pillowchallenge, #pillowdresschallenge and so on. 

Fashion has been a domain of experimentation for many years but till date, #pillow challenge has been an unparalleled one. So, how do you exactly do this challenge? All you need to do is take up your favorite big pillow, clinch it around your waist with the most stylish belt that you have. It was only a matter of a few days before this trend became viral. And would you believe it? Both the hashtags have earned over 343k posts so far. From Halle Berry to Anne Hathaway, many Hollywood celebrities have nailed the look by trading their clothes. 

About the Trendsetters of This Challenge

As mentioned earlier, @stylebynelli and @myforteisfashion hit the popularity button from the moment they started the trend of turning a pillow as a dress. Both of them had posted pictures of themselves wearing pastel blue and pink pillows respectively. They had secured the pillows with a fashionable belt and adorned their look further. Then they encouraged their friends and followers to try the challenge and post a picture of themselves. But when it comes to a fashion trend, there is always a scope for innovation. Many international fashion influencers, as well as Indian celebrities, have gone a step ahead in recreating a sassy look by using luxury brands. 

National Popularity of #PillowChallenge

Till now, many of us were thinking that staying at home is so boring until recently some of the phenomenal trends came into light, #pillowchallenge for instance. But are you thinking that the ‘pillow challenge’ is a fad meant for the international celebs or social media family only? You’re quite mistaken there! Our desi buffs have also joined the quirky fashion bandwagon and are loving the idea of posing with a pillow on their bare body. 

So, who are our favorite Indian celebs who have put on the new lockdown outfit?

Payal Rajput – The Tamil actress took up the pillow challenge, wearing a yellow pillow dress and looked stunning. 

Neha Kakkar – The popular singer of many Bollywood movies is also well-known for trying out the latest fashion trends. On TikTok, she posted a video wearing not one but a total of 3 pillow dresses - white, green, and floral printed. Oh! And in one of her pillow dress looks, she sports a bit of Indianness too!
Tamannah Bhatia – The actress shared a picture wearing a white pillow dress and accessorized it with a Gucci belt. “I’m off to club bed featuring DJ pillow and MC blanket!” - her Instagram page said.

My Take on the Challenge

Being in lockdown for more than two months, I wad completely bored too. Besides doing the regular Work from Home and household chores, deep down in my heart, I was thinking of trying something new (fashion-wise, of course!). And then, there was this ‘pillow challenge’, which I wanted to give it a shot but was reluctant at the same time. 

Finally, one weekend, I decided to try the trend. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would look wearing a pillow and whether I’ll be laughed at by my friends. Nevertheless, I put aside all my assumptions and strapped my favorite pink floral pillow around my waist with a black belt. I accessorized my look by wearing heels, a pair of shades, and a dash of my best-loved Maybelline hot pink lipstick. Till now, everything was fine. The real struggle came when I had to click a picture. To do this, I had set up my phone on a shelf in my room and turned on the 15-second timer. 

Altogether, it took me around 20 minutes and 10 photos before I was finally satisfied with a decent pillow dress image. I also attempted to click a few pictures with other accessories like a book and a wine glass but well, my effort was wasted because pictures without these were far better!


Who said lockdown is meant for doing Work from Home and monotonous domestic chores? This is the time to unleash your spirit of creativity and explore the unexplored. Staying at home is a challenge not until you are aware of the various social media challenges and sport the trend in your own way. So, my dear readers, recreate your own version of this quarantine look and stay in trend fashionably!

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