5 Healthy Reasons To Add Coffee To Your Daily Routine

5 Healthy Reasons To Add Coffee To Your Daily Routine

The only thing that can cure the misery of having to wake up in the morning is coffee. But turns out the picture they paint about coffee in talks that people have after their coffee is not a pretty one. But how could a picture so beautiful and so empowering be as harmful as people say it is?

How could it be that a commodity that has the world running could be as bad as people say it is? If it were, why is it so difficult to stop? If it were an addiction like people say it is, why isn’t it illegal?

Busting the Myths

The fact of the matter is, rarely is anything ever as bad as people say it is. Coffee is no exception to the case. Most of what people say about coffee is, to not put it lightly, AN ABSOLUTE LIE. To tell you some of the most common myths (and bust them for your own good) here is a list:

1) Coffee helps you lose weight: while this might sound dumb, the fact of the matter is that the adrenaline flush that coffee provides lets your body perform better at the workout. Coffee does not inherently contain any weight loss properties.
2) Coffee stunts your growth: science is yet to find a shred of evidence that points to the fact that coffee stunts your growth.
3) Coffee is addictive: most people believe that coffee (or at least caffeine) is addictive and will hinder your normal functioning. To burst your tiny little bubble, research by NCBI suggests that the repeated consumption of coffee does not even qualify to be called addiction.
4) Coffee causes cancer: what if I told you, that the truth was the exact opposite. A review of several studies found that coffee was not only unrelated to cancer but could even reduce the risk of it!

No matter how hard to understand, those were the myths that people had spread about coffee. So, while you might not have researched them yourself, we did it for you. So, the next time someone tells you to quit drinking coffee because it was so bad for you, you know what to tell them.

You’re welcome.

Benefits of Coffee

But you know what is really infuriating about the misconceptions about coffee? That they not only are lies but also keep you from exploring all the good in coffee. Fortunately, though, the double damage does not work for us, and we are about to give you the real side of coffee – its benefits:

Pain Relief

“I don't count my sit-ups; I only start counting when it starts hurting because they're the only ones that count.”

Nobody can forget the iconic Mohammad Ali, but how he functioned actually hurts really bad. So, when you do come after a good hard day at the gym, you know it is going to hurt really bad the next morning.

So rather than just settle for it on your day at work, why not do something about it? And you are going to love what we suggest. Because what we suggest is that you get good warm coffee.

Coffee helps with pain relief, especially when it comes to muscle pain. And hey, even if you need professional barista equipment, go get that benefit. So, get lifting and get drinking.

Lowered Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases around the world. Incurable and inconvenient to live with, it poses several other health issues to people that already have it. Not just that, living with diabetes also means that your pockets rarely have the money to spend on luxuries largely because of how expensive insulin can be.

Bet you didn’t know that coffee is what can lower your probability of contracting diabetes. Research by Harvard suggests that with every daily cup of coffee, you decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes by 9%.

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Liver Protection

You might have heard people stop you from drinking too much coffee because it affects your liver, but have you ever heard someone tell you to keep drinking because your liver actually needs it?

Well, today is the day that you will. You should keep drinking coffee because it protects your liver. Research by Healthline suggests that drinking coffee every day could reduce your risk of cirrhosis by up to 80%.

Happiness and Depression

Happiness can be a very elusive concept.

While different people may define it differently, and there may never really be a “happy ever after”, everyone understands that a happy life is what we strive for.

However, mental health may often pose one of the biggest challenges to your happiness. Depression is known to be the leading cause of disability around the world. This is mainly because dealing with it can be that much more difficult.

But NCBI has come to find that coffee can lower the risk of depression by up to 20%. With that said, coffee seems to be one of the very rare forms of substances that can be used to fight depression productively.

And the quality of coffee has nothing to do with how that happens. You don’t really need expensive stuff to make a difference with your depression. So, you can get going with your coffee today and live a happy life.

Lowers Risk of Cancer

Like we already mentioned, cancer is not just unrelated to the causes of cancer, but is even one of the factors that help prevent it. Studies by Wiley Online library suggest that coffee may reduce your risk of liver cancer. Some studies also suggest that it reduces your risk of colorectal cancer.

Final Words 

Given the benefits of coffee, we would like to add a word of warning to all this. Although coffee on its own may bring health benefits for you, it is important to understand that anything in excess can be harmful. Therefore, you must always remember to keep your dosage at moderate levels.

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