How To Protect Your Teeth From Coffee

How To Protect Your Teeth Discoloration From Coffee

Coffee has become one of the favorite pastime drinks to indulge in with friends, and aside from keeping you alert when you most need it and offering a variety of tastes, coffee is also a wonderful antioxidant. However, with so many good sides, you must expect coffee to have several drawbacks for you, and it concerns precisely your teeth. Namely, coffee is responsible for taking away the pearly white sheen away from your teeth, and if you can’t imagine your life without a warm cup of joe every day, check out how you can protect your teeth from turning sallow for good.

Coffee’s downsides

Tannins are one of the main ingredients in coffee, which are the prime responsible substances for teeth discoloration. Once the compounds have broken down in the water, they'll stick to the teeth and leave an unwanted yellowish shade behind. Even if you only have one cup of coffee a day, it’s enough to turn your previously pearly white smile into a not so attractive one. 

Aside from stains, coffee also causes bad breath or halitosis. After sticking to the tongue, a coffee-smelling residue will soon obtain an unpleasant smell unless you remove the residue from the tongue after having coffee. Brush your teeth after having coffee and make sure you clean your tongue too.

Coffee downsides
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Whiten teeth with home remedies

Even though coffee can wreak havoc on your teeth, you can certainly rummage through your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and find various effective teeth whitening ingredients that will help you bring back your shiny smile. Whitening toothpaste, bleaching kits, and whitening strips are some of the very effective teeth whitening products that you can buy over the counter at any pharmacy. 

You should also know that even though the teeth whitening products will give you a few shades whiter teeth if you continue having lots of coffee, you’ll need to use the products often and consistently to retain the whiteness. Putting a bit of baking soda on your toothbrush and cleaning your teeth twice a month like that will be just enough to provide you with a brighter smile without damaging tooth enamel.

Whiten teeth with home remedies

Schedule professional whitening treatment

We can all agree that DIY and at-home teeth whiteners will do the work, but they will never give you as amazing an effect as professional teeth whitening treatments would. Therefore, make sure you schedule your treatment at the dentist and try out the innovative zoom teeth whitening procedure which will completely transform your sallow teeth into a Hollywood-worthy smile. 

You’ll only need one appointment in order to get a flawless bright smile you’ve always dreamed of. Thanks to a combination of a light-reactive hydrogen peroxide gel and a specially designed visible LED lamp, your teeth will be pearly white in no time.

Do your best to prevent coffee stains in the first place

Prevention is half the treatment, so you should certainly do your best to avoid staining your teeth in the first place. One of the best practices for that is to drink coffee with a straw to avoid direct contact with your teeth. Drinking from a cup makes coffee wash over your teeth directly, which is why you should consider using a straw. If keeping you alert isn’t the main reason you have your coffee, then you should definitely consider having decaf and protect your teeth from stains. 

Namely, the level of caffeine is directly related to the level of polyphenols in the coffee, i.e. the teeth staining substances, so if you start having coffee with less caffeine, your teeth won’t suffer as much staining as with fully caffeinated brews. Having a glass of water after finishing your coffee would also be a good way to prevent bad breath-causing bacteria build-up since you'll rinse your mouth and teeth nicely with a healthy dose of H2O.

Final thoughts

Coffee certainly offers various benefits for your body, but if you let it stain your teeth, you risk having lower self-esteem and causing a series of other problems. Therefore, make sure you prevent coffee from staining your teeth by using a straw while you drink it and use various whitening treatments to remove the old stains and prevent the build-up of new ones. 

Professional teeth whitening treatments will offer quick and amazing results, so look for the best dentist nearby and go get the pearly smile you’ve always dreamed of. 


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