Healthy Body, Healthy Mind; Two Things Reside Together

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind; Two Things Reside Together

Whether you are a home-maker or a working professional, no one is away from the persistent dose of stress in their busy lifestyles of today’s time. Everybody is busy, caught-up and in a rush of fulfilling their responsibilities.

When we are in our growing stage we keep on focusing on our uplift, progress and devote most parts of our time in being better and better, which is good practice. We all should focus on being the best version of ourselves. But, Is the idea of ‘Being the best’ limited to our materialistic and career success only? Have you ever thought that there is another responsibility that bounds us to put an effort towards our own mental and physical health? Most likely not. Let’s get to a discussion which follows the idea of;

“A healthy body is the home to a healthy mind”

A healthy body and mind connection

You might have a lot of people who are cheerful all the time. The people who seem to be positive whenever you meet them and keep on thinking that how do they manage to glow all the time. A lot of time, this set of people also appear to be the healthier ones too. The reason for such co-incident is the inter-relation between a healthy body and a healthy mind.

When you feel good at your mind, your physical health will also flourish. The kind of people who take care of their mental health will be healthier physically and vice-versa.

In the practical world, you will keep on facing up and down of emotion. We don’t have control over them. The thing that we can control or regulate is ourselves. Focus on your physical fitness and do not forget to nurture your mental health.

How to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body

In the rush of our life, we forget to notice that, health is merely not the absence of disease. And when we finally understand the value of good health, we have lost a lot to count. So, to value your physical and mental health, always strive to keep them in good condition. How to do that? Here are a few tips to get a healthy body and mind.

1. Exercise appropriately

We all respect and understand the value of good health and the definition of good health is not having a good built or muscular or lean body. A fit body has nothing to with the size. Instead of striving for an attractive body, focus on building a healthy body that is fit from the inside, a sound mind that is positively encouraged toward life.

Not necessarily you need to lift heavy weights or sweat rivers in the gym. Spend your morning in the fresh air, do some yoga and corporate it with a little exercise. This will help you in strengthening your inside.

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2. Eat good food

“We are what we eat”, So always strive to consume healthy and good food. Green leafy vegetables, nutritious fruits are your tasty best friends which will savor your buds and will make you feel better from inside. Put it in your habit and you definitely will notice a change within a few weeks.

Do not forget to treat yourself with a good ‘cheat meal’ once a week so that you don’t face the fear of missing out (FOMO).

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3. Get your good night sleep

Night time is the time when your hormones and internal systems start repairing yourself. If you are someone who is considered as a night owl, you might not be doing the best to yourself. If not about your work commitments, try hitting the sack on time. Get your beauty sleep and carry on fresh and positive in the morning. You will feel energetic, your mind will allow you to work more effectively and your body will feel even more fit to run the extra mile if needed.

4. Laughter is the best medicine 

Laughter may be just one emotion of the many, but it is the most underrated one. A simple genuine laugh can boost your mood and your health. Laugh out loud when you feel like. Smile often and burst the stress with the best kind of medicine of all the time without putting much effort.

5. Say goodbye to stress

Everyone goes through the stress of their situations and responsibilities but this no-way means that this stress needs to be on your head-over-heels. Manage your responsibilities. Live each moment with contentment and whenever you feel that the situation is getting a little overboard, remember to breathe. Take deep breaths and try to calm yourself down.

6. Stay away from anything toxic

Anything that is toxic, is not good for you. Be it the carbon-filled air (polluted by our actions) of the city, harmful habits, toxic foods, or even the toxic people and toxic thoughts. All these equally, potentially puts a negative impact on your mental and physical health.

Breath in the fresh air, connect with positive people, think happy thoughts and you will see everything falling in place. Food, of course, matters a lot. Did you know that the conventionally grown food which we bite on regularly is mostly injected with harmful, toxic chemicals? The best way is to switch to organic food and stay away from unhealthy food.

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Final take away

A health-full and mind-full life is not easy and stress-free. We all crave for it. It might be tough but not impossible. Do what you love the most, eat good food, take care of your physical health, exercise often and do not neglect your mental health. You soon will notice your healthy body, turning into the home of a healthy mind.

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