7 Natural Remedies to Lighten Dark Underarms

How To Lighten Dark Underarms Fast

Do you often feel embarrassed just because of your dark armpits or underarms? Are you planning to throw away all your tube tops, tank tops, and other sleeveless tops? Wait! In this blog post, we will educate you on how to get rid of dark underarms and restore the original complexion with home remedies. So, get ready to say goodbye to dark armpits or underarms with natural remedies in 2022.

But, before we move ahead let us first tell you the reason behind the dark armpits. Darkening of the underarm or armpits is caused due to some of your silly mistakes including the use of chemicals laden bleach, hair removal creams, and alcohol-based antiperspirants or deodorants. Sometimes, it is also caused due to poor ventilation in the underarms region. Long-term shaving is also one of the reasons behind the darkening of armpits.

How to Lighten Dark Underarms Fast - Top 7 Natural Homemade Remedies for 2022

1) Sandalwood (Chandan)

Sandalwood- Remember this miraculous product that is extensively used for treating various skin problems. So, why deprive your dark armpits of this magical beauty product?


Make a thick paste by mixing sandalwood and rose water. Apply it on your dark underarms and leave it for about 10-15 minutes to lighten the darkened armpits. Once dried, rinse it off with cold water.

sandalwood lightening the dark underarms

2) Lemon

When it comes to skin lightening, the first thing that comes into our mind is lemon. Since antiquity, lemon has been used for lightening the skin complexion. Lemon contains a natural bleaching agent which makes it popular for lightening the skin tone (including dark underarms or armpits).


Cut a fresh and ripe lemon into two half halves. Take half of a lemon and make thick slices of it that can be used to rub on the armpits. Now, rub a lemon wedge on the dark underarms for a couple of minutes. Leave the lemon juice for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. For better results, do this 4-5 times a week.

lemon lightening the dark underarms

3) Orange Peels

Like lemon, orange contains the same bleaching power. The peels of orange have great exfoliation and bleaching properties. They can be used to lighten and brighten your underarms.


Peel a fresh orange and dry out the orange peels in shade. Grind the dried peel of oranges to make a fine powder form. Add 2 teaspoons of rose water and milk on the powdered orange peels to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your dark underarms and gently scrub your armpits for about 3-5 minutes to remove dead skin cells.  Allow it to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, rinse it off with cold water. Repeat this natural remedy daily or a minimum of two times a week.

orange peels lightening the dark underarms

4) Baking Soda

Like Lemon, Baking soda is known for containing a natural bleaching agent that can whiten and lighten your dark underarms within a few days. It can be used to prepare an outstanding exfoliating scrub to get rid of dark armpits naturally.

How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms with Baking Soda? Here's a Procedure

Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and water. Mix baking soda with water to make a slightly thick paste. Apply it on the armpits or underarms. Gently, rub the paste in a circular motion. Leave it for a couple of minutes and then wash it off using cold water. Repeat the activity 3-4 times a week to get the desired results.

Baking Soda for underarms whitening

5) Potatoes

Potato acts as a natural bleaching agent that works effectively in lightening the dark underarms. The mild acidic property of potatoes makes them a wonderful substitute for lemon since they won’t cause skin irritation. This is a great natural remedy for those having sensitive skin.

How To Lighten Dark Underarms with Potatoes? Here's a Procedure

Rub a freshly sliced potato on your dark armpits for about 10-15 minutes. Let the skin absorb the juice of the potato. Wash it off with lukewarm water and repeat the same activity daily to get fast results.

Potato for underarms whitening

6) Cucumber

Just like potatoes, cucumber is another great natural ingredient for lightening dark underarms.


Simply rub a fresh slice of cucumber on your dark armpits.  Allow your skin to absorb the cucumber juice.  Rinse it off with cold water and repeat the activity once in a day to see the desired results within a few days.

Cucumber lightening the dark underarms

7) Honey

Honey is a natural skin toner and lightening agent. Prepare a mixture of honey, sugar, and lemon juice. Apply it to the affected area. It will combat effectively against dark underarm or armpits.

honey for lightening the dark underarms

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