7 Makeup Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Makeup Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Believe it or not, there are innumerable things that we often do in the early 30s to cover up the skin flaws namely age spots, frown lines, smile lines, and crow’s feet. But what if our biggest enemy-“Skin Aging” could be simply fixed by changing the way of our makeup application? If you are one of those countless girls who hasn't updated their beauty regimen since they are teenagers, chances are more that you are aging faster than time itself. Right? So, let’s discuss some common makeup mistakes that make you look older than you actually are: 

7 Makeup Mistakes That You Need to Avoid 

Heavy Under Eye Concealer: Want to cover up the dark circles? Why not do it in the right way? The area around the eyes is so subtle and needs special care and hydration. When you apply heavy concealer, it can make the contradictory effect. Instead of brightening and lightening your eyes, it accentuates all the fine lines and makes you look older. Now looking for a solution? Apply a thin layer of concealer under the eyes using a special makeup brush and apply it only on those areas which you need to conceal. Don’t apply the concealer all over the place.

Heavy Under Eye Concealer

Smiling While Applying The Blush: Blush is a wonderful makeup tool that instantly freshen your face and complement your skin complexion. But, when you apply it in the wrong way, it can make you look older.  For instance, many ladies apply the blush while smiling, which is considered great when you are in your 20s, but as you age, your skin gets saggy and you need to change this technique.
Smiling While Applying The Blush

Applying Mascara On Lower Eyelashes: To get the instant refreshed look, apply mascara to your upper eyes. On the other hand, when mascara is applied on the lower eyelashes can highlight the wrinkles and lines around your eyes.

Mascara On Lower Eyelashes

Using The Wrong Shade Of Foundation: Using the wrong shade of foundation can make you look ghastly. Therefore, it’s really important to choose the right shade of foundation which matches perfectly with your skin tone and covers the problem areas.

Wrong Shade Of Foundation

Using Dark Shades Lipstick: Dark color lipsticks make your lips look less plump, smaller and less highlighted. Hence, one should choose something in a mauve, beige or pink tone and avoid deep red and plums. 

Dark Shades Lipstick

Shaping Your Eyebrows Extra Thin: Natural and thick eyebrows help you to look younger. So, avoid over-plucking of eyebrows at all costs.

Shaping Eyebrows Extra Thin

Using Blush In Dark Shades Or A Matte Finish: Wearing dark shades or matte finish blush makes one look older. Therefore, Tashiara recommends wearing blush in sheer and bright colors.

Blush In Dark Shades

If you also know some common makeup mistakes, please don't forget to share with us. 


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