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10 FAB Ways To Style a Leather Jacket This Winter

10 FAB Ways To Wear a Leather Jacket This Winter

One classic wardrobe staple that everyone loves to own, be it a woman or a man, is a leather jacket. Even many of us already have that staple in their wardrobe, whether it is a modern peplum jacket, or a classic biker leather one. Haven’t we?  Leather jackets are not only stylish and luxurious, but also comfortable and extremely durable, not to mention they go with everything you wear. And, this might be the reason why they have become a must-have wardrobe essential over the past few years and an absolute favorite among everyone. Believe us, you will never go wrong with this timeless wardrobe staple. Now, let’s start exploring 10 FAB ways to style a leather jacket this winter. 

What To Wear For A Job Interview? Know Right Dress for Successful Interview

What To Wear For A Job Interview? Know Right Dress for a Successful Interview

Congrats! Your resume got shortlisted by the recruiting department, and you’ve also survived a few telephonic interview rounds, but now the hiring manager wants to meet you in person and your interview in scheduled for the next week. Most probably you’ve gone through the company’s website to do thorough research on the company and also have practiced answering every possible question that the interviewer might ask. Right? Still there is one thing left to figure out: What to wear for a job interview? Or what is the right dress for a successful job interview? If you are thinking the answer is quite simple, you are wrong my dear. Since, the rules on what to wear for a job interview are changing every year, and you will be surprised to know that what you wore to your last job interview back in 2012, now has become passé. 

Indeed, it’s your skills, experience and personality that really matter, but it’s your appearance that speaks a lot about you without you even saying a word. Believe us, your appearance will go a long way in showing the hiring manager that you’re highly professional, ambitious, and most importantly, a right choice for the business organization. If you are struggling to decide what to wear for a job interview, the most important thing that you need to remember is that you should look professional and polished. Though your interview outfits depends on what job role you’ve applied for, you should wear clean, tidy and well-ironed clothes for a job interview. If you are a woman who needs some outfit inspirations for your job interview, explore our gallery below to get an idea of right dress for a successful job interview. 

Move Over #KalaChashma: 5 Cool Sunglasses That You Will Love

5 Cool Sunglasses That You Will Love

Don’t get surprised girls, you read that absolutely right!  Being the chic girls we are, don’t we spend so much time in deciding what to wear? Then why not take out some time to up your accessory game as well? After all, accessories have indomitable power to make or break your look in a couple of seconds. With so many sunglass styles around, if you are really having a hard time in finding the right pair of sunglasses for your face, fret not, because we are here to help you out.  Today, we’ve come up with 5 cool sunglasses that you will love completely.  

8 Money Saving Tips To Save Money Till The End Of Month

8 Money Saving Tips To Save Money Till The End Of Month

It doesn’t matter how much money we make every month, the irresistible temptations all around us – be it Dominos Wednesday Offer, Myntra Fresh Arrivals, Koovs EOS, or the clearance sales in the branded stores such as Zara, H&M, Forever 21, ALDO and Steve Madden – in the month end, many of us end up counting and complaining about the last few hundreds that are left in our bank accounts. Doesn’t this sound quite familiar? Well, we understand how much difficult it becomes to survive in the month end, that’s why we are going to share some best money saving tips to save money till the end of month. Happy saving, guys!

Short Girlfriend Problems: Guys With Short Girlfriend Will Understand

Short Girlfriend Problems: Guys With Short Girlfriend Will Understand

It is rightly said that being a short girl isn’t easy. They have to try hard to make the most of every situation, but in spite of that short girls have become the butt of all jokes from ‘Are you still in school’ to forever being called “cute. Right? Today, we’ve decided to jot down some real struggles of short girls, and if you have a short girlfriend, these struggles apply to you as well. So, let us take a quick look on the short girlfriend problems that guys will have to face if they are dating a short girl.

Fashion Struggles You Will Understand If You’re A Short Girl

 Fashion struggles for short girls: Fashion Problems you will understand if you are short girl

Short girls are insanely adorable, cute, and crazy, but being short is not always pretty awesome. At times, it’s a struggle to grab something from the top, you can’t even properly hold a conversation with someone who is taller, and many a times people think you’re a child. But, above all problems, there are some fashion struggles that comes with the short height from finding a dress of right length to wearing maxi dress.  If you are barely 5’2”, you will understand 15 fashion struggles that are way too real for short girls.