9 Ways to Shop Smart During Black Friday


For those who love to shop til they drop, Black Friday is a national holiday that lives up to the hype. From cutting-edge electronics to Black Friday jewelry deals, there’s something for everyone on the day after Thanksgiving. 

Of course, this tradition has expanded beyond a strict 24-hour window, encompassing broader sales events both online and in stores. 

Here are nine ways to shop smart during Black Friday and score the deals you’ve been seeking all year long. 

1. Create a Wish List

Every epic shopping spree begins with a well-crafted wish list that outlines your wants and needs. This list will point you in the right direction on “game day” and ensure you don’t get distracted or go overboard with impulse purchases.

We suggest listing only one or two “must have” items to start, then compiling several other smaller buys to supplement throughout the day and weekend. This way, you’ll prioritize key items and avoid distractions. 

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2. Download Key Apps

Much of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday action happens online nowadays, and brand apps offer direct access to the best deals on the market. Apps are easier to navigate than websites, offer mobile convenience, and often reward users with extra perks and discounts. 

Make sure you have your favorite apps downloaded with user info and payment details already uploaded so you can spring into action when the frenzy begins. 

Download Apps
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3. Plan of Attack

Do you have your alarm set for the crack of dawn on Black Friday? Are your wallets, cards, and coupons ready for rapid deployment? Do you have an alternate route planned to the shopping center to avoid traffic? 

These are the hard logistical questions that need to be answered ASAP for a successful Black Friday event. 

Lay out your plan of attack early so you can hit the ground running and avoid delays when time is of the essence. 

4. Recruit Helpers

Friends and family can help make your Black Friday dreams come true, so seek recruits and develop a team strategy. This could mean hitting different stores at the same time as they open or scanning multiple apps from various devices. 

Don’t underestimate the power of “boots on the ground” when pursuing your shopping goals this holiday season, as you can only accomplish so much on your own.

5. Sign Up for Alerts

Alerts and notifications can be annoying on a typical workday, but when Black Friday rolls around, you’ll want to use them to your advantage. 

Make sure your phone is set to beep and buzz when an alert is transmitted from your favorite brand so that you don’t miss a beat during this fast-paced event. Also, be sure to check your email inbox and social media accounts throughout the weekend to jump on any discounts through those channels. 

6. Use Reward Points and Programs

If you’ve been accumulating reward points through loyalty programs and credit cards all year long, Black Friday is the perfect time to unleash them for serious savings.  

Compile a full list of your reward points across multiple programs to see how much buying power you have in store. This will help alleviate some of those bills when the new year arrives. 

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7. Look Out for Jewelry Deals

We typically associate sales events with computers, tablets, and smartphones, but this year, you won’t want to miss Black Friday jewelry deals online and in stores.

Check out what the top vendors have on tap and compare prices across the board to see where the best savings are found. Many brands are looking to clear out inventory in advance of the peak shopping season, so buyers can gain a major advantage. 

8. Know Store Policies

Proceed with caution on Black Friday and double-check all store policies before swiping those debit and credit cards. Small print can come back to bite you in the long run if you’re not careful, especially when credit and incremental payment structures are involved. 

As a general rule, perform extra due diligence if a deal seems too good to be true. There might be hidden fees or obligations that kick in down the line. Play it safe and avoid entanglements so you can enjoy Black Friday stress-free and enter the new year with a clean financial slate. 

9. Have a Backup Plan

Things don’t always go to plan on a hectic holiday like Black Friday, so have a backup strategy to keep yourself sane and safe. If you can’t get your perfect TV or computer, there is likely a similar deal to be found at a competing website or store, so shop around and stay alert.

Regarding Black Friday jewelry deals, you may discover items that unexpectedly catch your eye and make your holiday wish list the next time around. 

Safe and Smart Black Friday

When done right, Black Friday can be financially beneficial and even fun. So long as you avoid the shopping mobs and traffic jams, you can enjoy the best this event has to offer.

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