Planning to Attend a Wedding? Try One of These Four Hats to the Happy Occasion

hat for wedding
When you go to a wedding, you cannot ignore the fact that you must dress well. As the wedding bells start ringing, it is time to pick up the best hats to complement your outfit. 

With plenty of hat options, it's challenging to make the best choice. We have picked the right hat to fit any wedding guest and earn your compliments ideally.

1. Loring Panama Fedora

Panama Fedora is a handmade hat from Bailey 1922. It is perfect for a semi-formal spring or summer outdoor or casual destination wedding in a tropical location. It is a tan hat with a black ribbon that adds extra zeal to your look, and you are bound to draw attention. This Panama Fedora hat is made in the USA, and if you are not afraid to make a bold statement, this is for you.

2. Clayton Western Hat

Clayton Western Hat is nothing but a Bailey Western cowboy hat meant for the ones who want to make a statement at the wedding. The cap has a classic Western design with a pecan or black hue. To add elegance, it has a smooth grosgrain brand. Irrespective of the season, you can wear the hat comfortably all day, and the wool inside will keep your head warm, even if it is an autumn or winter wedding. So, be the best version. Don't hesitate. Choose the hat that resonates with your style and take your personality to the next level!

3. Gracie Boater Hat

Hats are meant not just for ladies who want to make a grand appearance at the wedding. Gracie Boater Hat has a ribbon and bow, making you look elegant and sophisticated. You get to adjust the band and the hat based on comfort. It has a 50+ sun protective factor, making it a go-to gear for spring and summer. It is made of raffia braid, which is entirely sustainable and moisture-resistant. So, even if the wedding is on those humid days, you won't feel the hat to be a burden.

Gracie Boater Hat
Image source: Pinterest

4. Rosie Cloche

The Rosie Cloche from Helen Kaminski is a must-have for a summer wedding. It comes in various colors, from black to natural. To adjust the size of the hat, you will get a handy string. The hat is water resistant due to the neoprene inside the band. It will protect you from sunlight. The exciting aspect of the hat is that even if you roll it up and pack it in your suitcase, it will retain its shape.

Get Something Different

A wide-brim hat like the Riviera cap is a showstopper at a modern wedding. This hat, a perfect blend of fashion and function, comes in cream or with a brown knotted ribbon, adding charm to your wedding look. Its palm material gives it a gorgeous texture. Many online stores sell different types of hats. Learn more about these different hats. Why don't you browse one of these online sites to find the perfect one for the occasion?

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