Enhancing Natural Beauty: The Art & Science Behind Human Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

After every haircut, we all want some magic to happen and want the same hair length back. In fact, at times, after seeing someone with long hair, we all crave those long hair that can mesmerize anyone. 

If you are a hairstylist, the recent craze of hair extensions will not wreak havoc on you. Let me take you to the next level thought. Have you ever thought about what makes extension different? There is no magic; it is just science. The science that regularly works to improve hair quality is working towards delivering the best-textured hair. Going in depth will add worth to your expertise to provide beautiful and natural-looking results. Surely it will bring surprise among people. Let us travel the world of hair extension and its journey towards improvisation in terms of texture and quality. This helps decide which hair is the perfect choice for any client. Learn A-Z of the hair extension game and win it!

What role does hair quality play in hair extensions?

What kind of hair you use in the extension decides how long it will survive and how good it appears. You must check a few things while sticking to any particular hair extension. Let us go through them:

Human hair is superior to Synthetic hair 

There is no comparison between human hair extensions and synthetic ones. The first one appears natural, and one can be styled easily. People also color them precisely, and clients love them. While discussing synthetic hair, it is not that flexible. The worst part is that it appears unnaturally shiny.

Non-Remy vs Remy Hair

As we all know, Remy hair extensions are made of human hair. The best part is that the cuticles remain intact in the same direction as human hair. You can expect your hair extensions to be smooth, natural, and without any tangles. Non-Remy hair's only advantage is that it is less costly but tangles a lot. It also sustains for a shorter duration. 

Single-drawn hair vs double-drawn hair

Single-drawn hair has hair of different lengths, which makes it appear more natural and tapered. Double-drawn hair has had the same length, making it seem more uniform. 

Source of hair

Hair extensions come from different geographical locations so that the quality might differ. To ensure the quality, you should know from whom you get the extensions. Buy hair extensions from ethical sources that are of good quality. 

Learning everything about hair textures

Hair extension textures are of three types:
● Wavy
● Straight 
● Curly

Understanding this helps match different hair requirements. You need to understand the science behind it and how they create it. 

Hair Follicle Shape

Hair follicle shape is an essential factor that can always be noticed while discussing hair texture. If the follicles are round, the result will be straight hair, and any other shape always reflects curly or wavy hair. 

Structure of Hair Shaft

This factor also influences the hair texture. You will get straight hair if it is round and uniform, but if it is flat or elliptical, expect curly or wavy hair. 

The presence of chemical bonds in the hair

The presence of chemical bonds inside the hair fibers affects hair texture. If the bond comprises hydrogen and disulphide, the output will be curly hair. 

Ethnicity and genetics

Different genetics play a significant role in influencing the hair follicle shape and hair shaft structure. 

Selection of the right hair extension is a combination of art and science

You need to understand all kinds of hair quality and texture before making a decision. What you want from your hair and what you prefer must be considered. Check these tips to have the best. 

Examine the hair the client already has

Conduct a thorough examination of the hair to determine its color, texture, and thickness. This will help you understand which hairstyle suits you best and provides the most natural appearance. 

Lifestyle-based selection

Only people with active hairstyles should get quality hair extensions, such as tape-in extensions. If you are too busy handling your hair, choose a clip-in extension. 

Understand what look you want

Understand what you want. If you wish to have thick or long hair, you can use G-weft or machine weft extensions. You can also add different-colored hair extensions using nail tips or I-tips to completely change your look. 

Matching hair texture

If you want to hide the truth about hair extensions from the world, opt for the one with the same texture. Sometimes, people don't like unnatural looks, so natural human hair extensions become the only option. 

Matching the hair extension color with the natural hair color

You cannot find the exact resemblance, but you can find something that matches closely. 

Tailored Extensions

If you want something more than perfect, customize the length, color, and blending to match your natural hair. This will make them look almost natural. 

The art and science behind hair extensions have more to say than the traditional concept

You cannot deny the world of hair extension is too fascinating. People are experimenting a lot these days, but you need to understand that the quality of the hair is above all. Buying extensions of less quality may result in allergies, early damage, unwanted looks, and more, which I am sure you are not looking forward to! The world of hair extensions is changing every moment. Try to stay updated and focus more on things closer to natural. 

Hair extensions are your best friend if you want to change your looks or hide hair thinning. Stylish people love them and always embrace them as it depicts their personalities.

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