Best Hairstyles for Every Face Shape (2024 Guide)

Best Hairstyles For Every Face Shape (2024 Guide)

Ladies, your hair is the crown you never take off, so invest wisely in it. Many of you go to the salon, show your favorite celebrity’s picture to your hairdresser, and ask them to get you the exact haircut. After that, you wonder why you’re unable to get that supermodel vibe. Right? The reason might be that the hairstyle doesn’t suit your face cut.

No doubt that the only thing you need to have with any hairstyle is confidence. But there’s no harm in advising your face angles to make sure that the new hairstyle which you want suits you. So, instead of going with the trend, try choosing a haircut that fits well for your face shape. For that, you need to identify the shape of your face.

Hence, scroll down the blog, and learn the sage advice for the best hairstyles for different face shapes.

Face Shape 1. Round

With the same width and length, unnoticeable angles, or corners, round faces are typically baby-like faces. That means, irrespective of your age and size, you look younger and can opt for youthful hairstyles. In such a facial structure, short hair will enhance if it is parted and styled in the right manner.

In particular, long layered and choppy pixie cuts will look best. In case you decide to have a layer cut, then give the nod to the staggered layers that start around your jawline. It will make your neck and face appear slender. Also, add a short side fringe up to your eyes to make your face look long.

hairstyle for round face shape

Face Shape 2. Triangle

Ladies with triangle face cut have a strong jawline, which is broader than their forehead, and chin is flat in shape. Therefore, you need to pick a haircut that’ll balance out your jaw. You can go with anyone with layers to soften your features. Also, make sure that it finishes around your cheekbones to help your jaw stand out.

If you want to keep your hair short, then opt for a choppy pixie cut. When talking about bangs cut, go for short side-swept or light styles instead of long-side or full bangs.

hairstyle for inverted triangle face

Face Shape 3. Diamond

If the width of your forehead and jawline are the same with a narrow chin, then you certainly have a diamond shape. The broader part of your face is at your cheekbone, making your face a real gem. Since you’ve sharp features, tuck your hair behind your ears as it will make you look more beautiful. You can go for angled bobs that are longer in the front and will cover the width of your cheeks.

You can even opt for a short haircut with a textured lob. Your jawline is super defined, so shorter cuts and tapers will show off your killer angles.

diamond cut hairstyle

Face Shape 4. Square

With a square-shaped face, you can try to accentuate the squareness of your face or soften your strong jawline. For this, you can try wearing some blunt bangs or a short bob. Also, wispy layers, sweeping side fringe, and volume at the crown of your head would be the best. If you’ve voluminous hair, then do remember to play with it.

You can even try opting for clip-in or subtler bangs that will hit your cheekbone to highlight them. As curls could widen your face, try to wear loose waves or straight hair.

Square Shape

Face Shape 5. Long

Those who have long faces always want it to look shorter. So, to distract the length of your face, you can complement with styles that have a width at the cheekbones. Side-swept bangs would do well. You can even try your curls to go loose and wild, opening up your face shape. Flat-iron waves are the best way to get undone and wavy hair for a widening effect.

You can go for a shoulder-length haircut flattering between your chin and shoulder. Additionally, avoid wearing sleek looks as it will make your face look long.

bangs for long face 2023

Face Shape 6. Oval

In case you’ve got an oval-shaped face, then my friend, feel lucky about it. A wide variety of haircuts can suit your facial structure. Try your luck by wearing long layers, allowing them to move to and fro, especially when your hair is wavy. Other styles to give your hair an impact is long locks or cute short crop.

Since your face is well-balanced and evenly proportioned, you should feel free to experiment with any haircut. In case you’re looking for short cuts, then a blunt bob that clears your shoulder would be perfect. Bear in mind that you’ll look more pretty if you choose such hairstyles, which will expose your features.

hairstyle for oval shape

Face Shape 7. Heart

A broad forehead and narrow jawline make a heart-shaped face. As you’ve killer cheekbones, you can flaunt it by wearing bangs and styling it with long layers. If you want a long haircut, then try a deep side part with loose waves to draw everyone’s attention away from your forehead. You can even wear shoulder-length hair as it will add volume around the bottom of your face.

Alternatively, a side-parted pixie cut with textured ends will make you look gorgeous with your heart-shaped face cut. Also, try to avoid short bangs as it could make your chin look narrower.

bangs for heart shaped face 2023

Let your hair do the talking!

Your life may not be that perfect, but your hair can be. Taking care of it is no big deal! Some of the above haircuts need long and voluminous hair. So, once you learn to protect it from getting damaged, you’ll surely get the volume, length, color, texture you always wanted. You must also know the frequency of coloring your hair as constant usage of chemicals can ruin it.

So, the ladies out there, give your hair some love and wear the best hairstyle considering your face shape. And let your hair do the talking!

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