How to Win Big in the Social Media Industry

Ways to Win at Social Media

Social media helps friends stay in touch. But it also offers a wealth of opportunities for business if you're a content creator. Here's how to make the social media industry work for you!
1. Harness the Power of Paid Shoutouts

One of the hardest things about succeeding in the social media industry is making sure you stand out from the competition. Depending on your niche, that can be hard to do. But fortunately, other content creators can help. For example, if you're a fitness model who sells training plans, you can pay a fitness influencer on Instagram and other platforms to give you a shoutout. From there, your following (and your revenue) is likely to grow.

2. Be Original

Social media is overrun with would-be influencers. To make yourself stand out, offer something your competition doesn't. Cultivating a distinctive personal or brand voice is a good first step. When social media users feel like they can connect with you, they'll be more interested in your content and what you have to say.

While you're cultivating your voice, make sure to encourage followers to engage with you. Try including user polls and asking your audience open-ended questions. More user engagement boosts your following and makes brands more likely to work with you.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is key with just about every business venture, and that's especially true with social media. If you go too long between posts, users might forget about you, and you'll lose momentum as you're trying to grow your following.

With that said, you don't want to spam your target audience. Posting too many times in a day just might get you unfollowed. And make sure you're taking a quality over quantity approach. It's good to post often, but not so often that the quality of your content suffers.

4. Get Involved With Affiliate Marketing

Once you have a certain number of followers, you may be able to earn money through affiliate marketing. This is when you earn a commission when someone buys a product by clicking on your unique link. The best way to do this is by working with brands related to your niche. For instance, if you're an artist, you might find success by doing affiliate marketing with an art supply company.

5. Sell Your Own Merchandise

Helping to sell other brands' merchandise is just one way to make money on social media. Eventually, you might consider making and selling your own merchandise using DTF printers if you have a sufficient following. What exactly you sell depends on your niche. If you have a catchphrase, you could sell hats and t-shirts emblazoned with it. If you're a musician, you could offer guitar picks or straps with your logo.

You also don't have to feel limited to physical items. If you put together and sell an e-book, you can earn money without incurring any production costs. For example, if you have a YouTube channel centered around pet care, you might create a pet care e-book for followers to purchase.

6. Diversify

If you want to maximize your earning potential on social media, make sure you have more than one revenue stream. Lots of content creators have a Patreon for paid subscribers. But becoming an affiliate marketer for brands, offering your own merchandise, and even teaching online courses are all possible options. Some revenue streams may prove more successful than others, but it's always good to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

7. Find Your Audience

Especially if you work within a narrow or obscure niche, it can be tough to connect with people who enjoy your content. One great (and free) way to do this is to find ways to promote yourself on Reddit. This social networking site includes thousands of specialized communities called subreddits. If you regularly contribute to relevant subreddits, your fellow subscribers just might be motivated to check out your social media channels and paid subscription sites.

Social media offers a world of opportunity for the bold. And when you have a plan for growth and several strategies to help you get there, you're more likely to win big!

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