Challenges a Paralysis Injury Victim Will Face

In the United States alone, there are over 1,500 new cases of paralysis injuries each day. It means there is a vast population of people with complete or partial paralysis and some form of damage, whether it be to the limbs or other body parts. For those who have suffered from this type of injury, one has learned firsthand that living everyday life can be almost impossible. These individuals will turn to different rehabilitation techniques to try and recover as much mobility as possible, but sometimes these techniques are not enough. 

5 Common Challenges a Paralysis Injury Victim Will Face 

1. Lack of Mobility 

One of the biggest challenges for someone who has suffered from a paralysis injury is complete or partial lack of mobility. It can lead to many other problems with daily living tasks, such as bathing and dressing. Many take for granted the ability to walk. Still, after suffering from a spinal injury or traumatic brain injury, complete loss of mobility occurs, which can be very inconvenient and even dangerous.

2. Pain 

The pain that comes with paralysis is often overlooked because people are more worried about the paralysis itself, but it does exist. It must be dealt with for daily living activities to occur. Pain in the lower back and other areas of the body can occur because of weakness and lack of mobility which can lead to a lot of mental struggles for a victim because it does limit their daily life.

3. Mental Challenges 

Many people living with paralysis suffer from depression, anxiety, anger, and even thoughts of suicide because they cannot do the things they used to do with ease and without assistance. Others find it hard to be around unfamiliar people or strangers when they are alone as well. It can create problems due to the social withdrawal that comes with such an injury, but there are also many physical effects associated with this as well.

4. Emotional Effects 

Many people with paralysis will feel emotionally distraught about their injury because of the physical pain accompanying it. Many feel incredibly helpless and hopeless about the future of their recovery and what it will hold, but others will not be able to accept their new condition and choose to fight the fact that they cannot do things they were once able to do.

5. Loneliness 

One of the most common challenges an individual with paralysis faces is feeling alone even though others surround them. They think they have lost their dignity and can no longer be themselves without someone to care for them. It can lead to many other problems, including drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and anxiety. Many go through periods of wanting to die because of the pain from their injury, but this does not mean that they cannot be themselves anymore or wish to seek help for any specific problem.

The commonalities of the challenges of paralysis for a victim are pretty obvious, but this does not mean that recovering from a paralysis injury is easy. When one suffers from a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, one new to this type of injury will feel scared, helpless, and frustrated, especially when they view their future. Paralysis injury expenses can be high, and it is essential for someone who suffers from an injury like this to consider all of the options available to them to make their life one that they know they can live. 

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