How Does Women Weightlifting Differ From Men?

Is weight lifting different for men and women?

If you are thinking about starting weightlifting, you might wonder if there is a difference between men and women that you should be aware of. Weightlifting can be a great way to build muscle, improve your strength and improve your physique, so it is a form of exercise that can be beneficial for both men and women. Additionally, it can do wonders for your mental health, and many men and women see it as an important part of their lifestyle. It can also be daunting to get started with whether you are a man or a woman, especially if working out in a gym where it seems everyone knows what they are doing.

The Same Physiological Systems

Ultimately, you will find that there is no difference between weightlifting for men and women. Both genders have exactly the same physiological systems, which means that both genders can get results from performing the same exercises. Instead, it is better to focus on the individual to find the best training routine for them. Important factors include fitness goals, current strength, experience, and weight.

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Genetic Differences

Of course, there are slight differences between men and women that should be factored in. The average man is considerably stronger than the average woman, which means that men can lift heavier weights and experience larger muscle gains than women. Again, this is on average, and it will depend on the individual. 

Target Muscle Groups

People often think that men and women should train different muscle groups, but this is not true and is generally a viewpoint based purely on aesthetics (men with big arms and women with a toned body). Both genders should perform both upper and lower-body exercises on a weekly basis to see balanced results. The major groups to target include:

a) Back
b) Shoulders
c) Chest
d) Triceps
e) Biceps
f) Abs
g) Glutes
h) Hamstrings
i) Quadriceps
j) Calves

Target Muscle Groups
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Getting Started

When it comes to getting started with weightlifting, either as a man or a woman, you should first consider what your goals are. There are many different types of exercises and workouts, whether you are looking to bulk up, get a more toned look, develop strength or improve your overall fitness. Kettlebell workouts are rising in popularity with men and women and can be a great option for a full-body workout that also keeps your heart rate up. You can buy Mirafit’s kettlebell weights, and these can even be used at home for a full workout. 

Ultimately, weightlifting is the same for men and women, but often you will find that people have different goals from lifting weights. It is best instead to focus on the individual, including their weight, fitness goals, current strength, and experience levels. This will then help you to determine what the best workout regime is so that you can achieve your goals and get the most out of lifting weights. Weightlifting can be a brilliant way to improve your mind and body, whether you are a man or a woman, and everyone can benefit from this exercise. 

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