5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

pregnancy tips for moms

Motherhood is a beautifully excruciating journey that every woman embraces with profound love, no matter the difficulties it brings. From the moment you discover the presence of a tiny existence within you to holding it in your arms, every day is a roller coaster ride. In such an emotionally charged situation, you might get confused about how to take care of yourself. As your well-being will directly affect the health of your unborn child, you need to know the steps you must take for a healthier lifestyle. So all the mommies-to-be out there, change your lifestyle choices to what suits you and your baby the best! Not sure how to accomplish it? Follow these tips and have a smooth pregnancy journey.

1. Practice Exercise and Yoga

Body aches will be a frequent discomfort for your body, especially in your third trimester. But do not shove them in the background as common pregnancy issues as the labor challenge still lies ahead! Remain active by maintaining a regular habit of exercise and yoga. It will help reduce pains, increase muscle strength, control breathing, and tone your body for childbirth.

These activities will also ensure a smooth delivery process and reduce the risk of birth injuries such as Erb's palsy. However, this unfortunate event can also happen due to medical negligence. If the same happens to your child, stand up against the malpractice and file a compensation claim. If the jury finds medical professionals guilty, the verdict will go in your favor. However, the compensation varies depending upon the location and intensity of the injury. So to have a better idea, you will have to explore the range of typical verdict amounts and how they can cover the treatment costs of your child. On your part, do everything to keep your baby out of harm’s way by minimizing the potential complications of childbirth. So do not let the sluggishness overpower you and remain active to keep such mishaps at bay.

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2. Take Prenatal Vitamins and Other Nutrient Supplements

Since the fetus will be taking nourishment from your body, you will need a steady supply of nutrients to support it and yourself. Even if your body always had a well-balanced nutritional profile, the situation can remarkably change after you conceive. Achieving the daily goal of a balanced nutrient intake can be difficult, especially if you are a vegetarian or have food allergies. In such a case, your doctor will recommend some prenatal vitamins, which contain more nutrients than regular vitamin supplements required for a healthy pregnancy.

Other nutrients your body will need include folic acid, iron, calcium, iodine, etc. These minerals will help fight off anemia, lethargy, and weakness. They will also help your bones stay strong, as your body can feed calcium from them to the developing fetus, resulting in osteoporosis. So to ensure your body does not wither away to bring a new life to this world, keep it nourished and well-fed! 

3. Get Enough Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep in pregnancy can be, at times, a real struggle. You might spend your night tossing around the bed as a wave of nausea hits, or you might face difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position. However, ensure your sleep is not compromised for good metabolism and a well-rested mind.

If you are keen on sleeping flat on your stomach or back, you might want to change that now. The most suitable position for you and your baby is to sleep on your sides, with legs slightly bent and a pillow between them. A glass of warm milk can also promote sleep, and food rich in sugars can help keep the bad dreams and hot flashes at arm’s length. Sleep deprivation in the early stages can affect your health in later ones. So make sure you overcome the hurdles and maintain a steady sleep cycle to wear off the tiredness and lethargy. 

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4. Keep Your Weight Gain Under Control

While weight gain is common during pregnancy, it should not exceed the limit. It will not only be difficult for you to shed it after delivery, but it may adversely affect your health too. A weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds is acceptable and will ensure a good weight for the baby after birth. If you are underweight, the range can exceed 28 to 40 pounds and if you are overweight, make sure to limit it between 12 to 25 pounds. Since everyone has a different journey, you may have a different weight gain pattern. However, do not become overly obese, as it can cause other medical problems like diabetes and hypertension to surface. It is also necessary to feel good about yourself, so you may not wallow in postpartum depression.

To control your weight gain, make some healthy choices. If you are craving a snack, go for fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and high in fiber. Also, consider shifting to bread and cereals made of whole grains. For dairy products, use the ones with reduced fats, and choose the naturally sweetened products instead of the ones with artificial sweeteners. However, remember that weight gain within an acceptable range is essential for a healthy pregnancy. All you have to do is make sure you do not go to extremes and remain on a mediocre scale!

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5. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is central to life, both to sustain and develop it. You require more water intake while pregnant to make amniotic fluid, synthesize more blood, detoxify your body, and build tissues. It also lowers the risk of preterm birth. However, out of habit, you might not be able to drink plenty of water each day. So to make up for it, you can increase your fluid intake, such as drinking juices, soups, milk, and eating juicy fruits and vegetables. So make sure you rarely get thirsty, and always keep your body pumped with lots of fluids!


Nourishing a new life is a huge responsibility. While you would be receiving plenty of advice from everyone regarding the do’s and don’ts, remember to listen to what your body says. Paying attention to the indications of your body will do you more good than blindly following a direction. So take notes of your concerns and discuss them thoroughly with your doctor. With more clarity, you will feel confident about going through the critical moments of labor. Eventually, everything will seem worth the effort as your little bundle of joy will make its much-awaited arrival in this world! 

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