Best Electric Nail File & Drill - How to Choose?

Achieving a perfect nail shape has been a dream for every woman ever since personal grooming became a thing. But in the bygone days, little could they do about accomplish their personal grooming goals. 

Cut to the 21st-century world, and we have a different story to tell. In this digitized globe, personal grooming is synonymous with the necessities of life. Thus, every salon offers nail grooming ideas for women to choose from. While a salon is the best place to restore and repair damaged nails, achieving salon-like professional nail solutions all by yourself isn't a myth either.

So, if you have an interest in nail arts, an electric file serves your gold. Since they are legit professional tools, using them at home is dicey. You have to be professional with acrylics and gels if you consider choosing an e-file for nails. Once you become aware of using it, you don't face any difficulty with the work. But choosing the correct file can be pretty tricky as there are many in the market. Do not worry, as this guide will help you know the factors to consider when selecting the best product.

Type of Nails You Have

An electric nail file does everything in between, from removing gels and acrylics to shaping the thickest nails. If you are planning to use it for natural and acrylic nails, consider buying one such product. Understand that electric nail drills come with an array of different bits. Although all the products may look somewhat similar, they do specific things, whether buffing or shaping, and feature many power levels. If your nail drill is powerful enough, it may seamlessly shape your acrylic nails.

Understand the Purpose Behind Your Investment 

Your nail professional might use it on every manicure or pedicure set. But do you think you know everything about the filer? That calls for the importance of understanding why you need the filer for your nails. If you're a beginner using it for the first time, use it delicately at home. If possible, take advice from your nail expert before buying it.

Nail drillers work for both natural as well as acrylic nails. From repairing cracks of artificial nails to shaping up your natural nails, they serve it all. Depending on the model, they can get used with utmost creativity. You can also use it for removing lifted acrylic while filing down the regrown on to refill. Smoothing, shaping, and fixing natural nails and their cuticles are their prime job. So, unless you aren't familiar with their jobs, you may face challenges in using them.

Consider The RPMs of the Product

When choosing an electric filer for nails, you must consider the number of revolutions per minute RPMs. Models with higher rates land between 20,000 and 30,000 RPMs. And that is a great range that offers the required power for cutting through them. If you are unsure about the usage, you may go for a 100 MPH model.

For natural nails, you can choose a lower-rated version. Additionally, it helps you in saving money. Natural nails require less power. Thus, you may invest in a model with 10,000 RPMs or less.

Never Forget to Check the Variety

As a beginner, using electric nail drills for the first time might be tricky. Stay away from making use of multiple tools. But for future usage, opt for a tool that brings a multitude of options for nail grooming. For this reason, considering the size (somewhat 3/32 inches) is the most important. You can easily find such a size in the market. Even for a starter, the below-offered parts might turn out to be effective. Let's learn them one by one.

1) Barrel Carbide Bits: For shaping acrylic nails, you need to thin the surface before shortening them, for which these particular bits come in handy. You may use them for making backfilling cuts also. 
2) Natural Nail Bit: This bit features a material that is either rubber or even similar to it. It has the shape of a cylinder and is useful for removing the dead cuticles and buffing nails. Thus, you can also use it for artificial nails.
3) Under-Nail Cleaner Bit: It happens to be a distinctly shaped and thin bit that helps clean and shape the nails' undersides. 
4) Pedicure Bit: These bits have shapes and materials to remove the calluses and hard spots near the toenails. 
5) Ball/Round-Tip Bits: You can use these bits for trimming the cuticles' edges properly.

How Many Modes Do You Want?

If you want to do manicures and refills all by yourself, you require working in reverse and forward modes. It lets you work in a range of directions without the need for holding your hand in twisted positions.

Summing Up

So, these are the factors to keep in mind when buying an electric file for the nails. Other than those, gripping is imperative to consider. Always choose e-files that come with carved contours or rubber grips to prevent your hands from sweating due to the vibration and heat of the electric nail file. 

Filing the nails keeps them in a uniform shape and length, and also prevents them from getting damaged. So, whether you skipped your salon session last week or are lazy about booking an appointment during the weekend, always rely on the best electric filer for nails. 

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