How to Style a White Shirt with Maxi Dress

What can you wear over a maxi dress?

With the arrival of summer comes the appearance of the maxi dress trend. These light, breezy, and stylish overalls are ideal for hot weather. Furthermore, adding layers over or under these maxi dresses is simple, making them adjustable for cooler days. But how do you wear a maxi dress in the summer? What's more, when you're wearing a fresh white shirt? We're here to offer some helpful white shirt styling advice for maxi dresses. It's suitable for all seasons, including spring, summer, and fall!

White shirt as a jacket over a maxi dress 

No matter what type of maxi dress you wear, be it floral or tropical printed or solid colored, dark-hued, just add a white shirt over the dress as a jacket. This white shirt styling with the maxi dress will look uber cool and give you a more confident and charming look. Pair it with minimal jewelry, pair of glasses, and your favorite wedges to complete the look.

How do you wear a shirt with a maxi dress?
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White shirt with a wrapped maxi dress

A stunning deep-necked wrap dress that shows off your curves in all the right ways will be the perfect transition look from summer to fall. Add your white shirt before wrapping the outfit to give it a more fashionable appearance. This warm and inviting tone will not only conjure up images of pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon-scented candles, but a full-length dress will also be ideal as the temperature cools. You'll feel like a fashionista in no time if you pair it with a straw tote and some gorgeous sunglasses.

White shirt as in inner 

Wear your maxi dress with a white shirt underneath it rather than on top of it. This is a famous white shirt styling tip from the 1990s, and it also keeps you warm. To complete the look, add some shades. Finish the appearance with a smartwatch of your choosing and your favorite sports shoes. Wearing this combination in this unique approach will give you a relaxed and confident look.

White shirt with a belt 

Embrace your maxi dress in any print and color and wear your regular long but nicely fitting white shirt over it. Now, pair it with an ornamental or leather belt of a contrasting color. You have a semi-formal look ready for your corporate events and day picnics. Wear your comfortable mules over it, and just add a pair of earrings to complete this look. 

White shirt as a shrug 

A maxi dress with a white shirt as a shrug with button open and white strappy sandals is a terrific alternative for a dinner date or a semi-formal event. Instead, get a maxi dress with a row of white buttons and a partial slit up the front of the legs to show off the beautiful flower print, which will work nicely with the hue. This will be an excellent choice for petite women. The centered buttons lead the eye in and up, lengthening the body; the slit and open-front sandals elongate the legs. This is the appearance for you if you are petite.

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