Winter Wardrobe Essentials for 2022 (9 Staples)

Winter Wardrobe Essentials Staples 2022

With the Winter fast approaching, it's time to up your wardrobe game with these simple essentials! From warm layers to stylish elements, this list contains the perfect combination of staying toasty with looking amazing. Plus, the great thing about all of these choices is that there are items out there to suit any budget. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s upgrade your winter wardrobe in 2022 with these essentials! 

1) Black Jeans

Although this might seem like a simple one, black jeans will help to set up your wardrobe for the whole winter. They literally go with anything and can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. You could choose wide-leg black jeans, black skinny jeans or any style to suit you! Plus, you know that black jeans are never going to go out of style, so you can wear them again and again. Not only this, but if they fade over time, you can re-dye them so they will keep looking brand new. 

Keep it super simple with your black jeans, a white t-shirt and a colourful puffer jacket. Dress your jeans right up with a blazer and white shirt. Pair with a hoodie and autumnal coloured trainers for an effortless weekend look. Your options really are endless when it comes to black jeans, so you know you will be wearing these time after time. 

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2) Wool Overcoat

Next up we have a wool overcoat, a dressier staple for any winter wardrobe. Wool overcoats are long sleeve coats with a classic shape that usually sits between the mid-thigh and knee. No matter which dressy outfit you are wearing, when you throw on an overcoat, the whole outfit will come together. For a classic and timeless, go with either a navy, black or camel coloured overcoat. 

Pair a camel overcoat with an all-black outfit for a classy look. To add a bit more warmth, go with a white shirt, nude cable knit jumper and a camel overcoat with blue jeans and camel boots. If you prefer a more monochromatic look, choose a grey overcoat with a white shirt and black trousers. Your options are endless with a wool overcoat so this really is essential in any wardrobe! 

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3) Thick Flannel Overshirt

Another winter essential when it comes to layering is a thick flannel overshirt! This is a classic style that is absolutely timeless, so it is worth investing in. First, choose which colour scheme you want to go for. Go for a classic red and black, more simply grey and white or a camel, black and brown for a modern edge. This will depend on the colour of the t-shirt, likely either black or white. 

Then, pair the t-shirt and shirt with black or blue jeans, perhaps ripped for a nice twist. You could keep it more casual with a hooded tracksuit underneath for a slightly smarter casual look. To dress it up, go with a turtleneck, black jeans and boat shoes. The most simple of all is a full black outfit with your flannel shirt for an effortless look. 

4) Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are another staple in any winter wardrobe! This one is much more focused on keeping warm, but hopefully, you realise by now that this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. You could go for a lightweight puffer jacket if you like to layer or you could choose something much thicker if you like your coat to be the main warming element. 

Style with tracksuits, jeans or even smart trousers and you will create a killer look every time. To make this your main winter coat, choose a waterproof choice. No matter your budget, this piece will become a wardrobe staple every year. For a more affordable option without compromising on quality, wait around for a women's or men's puffer jacket sale!

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5) Beanie

Going in the direction of accessories, you should invest in a beanie! We all need to make sure that we are keeping warm through the winter and this is a stylish way to go about it. Beanies come in all different colours, so maybe you could go for a brighter option if the majority of your wardrobe is more neutral coloured, like a mustard yellow or deep orange. If you love more simple colours, keep it simple with a marl grey or black. 

Again, beanies can be thrown on with anything and they will look great, so you have something on hand when it's cold no matter what you’re wearing! 

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6) Scarf

While we are on the topic of warm accessories, you should pair your beanie with a matching scarf! Of course, we want everything to look good, so choosing something that matches is a great choice, especially if you have chosen a more basic neutral colour. However, you could go with a simple black scarf if you don’t want too much colour on the outfit. Nevertheless, having a scarf in your winter wardrobe no matter what is essential to keep you warm in winter 2022! 

7) Chelsea Boots

Our next choice is a good pair of Chelsea boots. Sometimes trainers just don’t cut it on the coldest of days, so having a  thick boot with nice socks is essential. Plus, Chelsea boots are a timeless classic that you will reach for every year. As with the rest of our picks, this one is so diverse. 

One of the best ways to style Chelsea boots is with a grey overcoat, a white t-shirt and ripped blue jeans. Or, style it right up with a black turtleneck, smart checkered trousers and a black overcoat. Suede or leather are two of the most popular choices, with leather being the easiest to maintain over time. With a pair of Chelsea boots in the cupboard, you will never be stuck for choice. 

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8) Cable Knit Jumper

Another important thing when it comes to warmth is a cable knit jumper. When it comes to colour, your options really are endless. Keep it simple with black, grey or nude, go with a hint of colour with a dark green, burgundy or navy, or go bold with mustard or bright blue! Wear on its own or with a shirt underneath for a smarter twist on this look that will keep you warm on a night out. 

Crew neck cable knit jumpers look amazing or you could go with a turtleneck if it is particularly cold where you live! Make sure to go for an oversized one if you choose to go with a turtleneck, as this will make you feel super cosy. On a cold day, throw on your jeans and cable knit jumper and you’ll be good to go. If you need an extra layer, go with a long sleeve top underneath for extra warmth. 

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9) ¼ Zip Sweater

Last but not least, we have a ¼ zip sweater. For the days where a cable knit jumper isn’t quite dressy enough, then a cable knit jumper worn over a shirt or long sleeve top is a dressy and warm option that is effortlessly stylish! Jeans, trousers and even joggers can all look amazing with a ¼ zip sweater, so having one of these on hand is always a good idea. Comfy, cosy and warm, this is a staple that will help to get you through winter looking stylish. 

Final Thoughts

Who said your 2022 winter wardrobe has to be dull just so you can keep warm! With these different winter wardrobe essentials, you’re all set for a stylish winter wardrobe that is also practical. From cosy winter accessories to essential coats and stylish finishing touches, you will find yourself reaching for these pieces year after year, making these classic pieces cost-effective and eco-friendly pieces! Prepare to always have something to wear this winter with these amazing wardrobe staples. 

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