Hat Styling Tips 2022: Add Spunk to Your Personality

How do you make hats look good on you?

With multiple categories of hats available in the market, it’s often overwhelming to select the one that goes with your personality. When you see your favorite fashion influencer or celebrity wearing different hats, you may be wondering whether you can create the same effect with your selection of hats? Believe it or not, it is possible. You can wear medium-priced hats and create a similar effect only with confidence. You can complement your outfit with elegant-looking hats that will make you different in the crowd. You will have to consider various options in terms of style and color if you want to create a stylish look in 2022.

One critical area that you will have to look into is your head size. Apart from the head size, the face shape also makes a difference. People with an oval shape, round shape, and long shape faces have different options before them. For example, individuals with long faces will have to go for wide-brimmed hats to cut across the forehead and create an impression of a shorter look. Hence, you can go for fedora hats but not beanies.

On the other hand, your head size also makes a huge difference. You must go for Panama hats, fedora hats, and newsboy caps if you have a big head. Wide-brimmed hats are the best for big heads. While considering hats for big heads, you will have to go with wide-brimmed, lightweight, and breathable hats that create a mysterious look. 

Hat styles that will make you look elegant in the crowd

Now that you have decided to purchase a hat for your occasion, it’s time to delve deep into the options. There are tons of choices before you when you hit the market. You don’t have to be a hat specialist to purchase a hat. All you need to do is obey simple guidelines that experts provide you. Do not be scared of experimenting with your accessories because that might give you a completely distinct look.

Sun hats are ideal for casual settings

Yes, you may feel that sun hats are only good for a beachside look. However, it is not so. If you want to flaunt your face, hair, and neck, all you need to do is get a sun hat. 

How do you style a hat?
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Sun hats
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Select big hats with wide brims and wide circumference

It will not only deliver you shade but elevate your look to another level. Sightseeing, gardening, hiking, or when you are heading towards the beach, you will require some protection. Hence, floppy hats are the best option. You can select those coming with a light color like beige, white, or pastel shades. They limit the rays of the sun and thereby keep your head cooler.

big hats
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Fedora hats are decent for every season

Again, you may feel that fedora hats are only for the summer season. However, your thought is wrong. If you want to hide your bad hair day, you can rely on fedora hats. Believe it or not, the curved headwear comes with indented crowns to draw all the attention towards you. You don’t have to style yourself with additional accessories. All you need is to pair your hats with white t-shirts and fitted trousers to do the talking. Fedora hats are available in different materials and colors. You will have to mix and match different shapes and textures to create a feminine balance.

Fedora hats
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Beret caps are ideal for winter evenings

If you are interested in a distinctive look with a flat crown and woven style, you will have to look at beret hats. Hats are not only popular among women but also men. Ever since the early 19th century, this headwear has become popular in the western world. They are an integral part of official uniforms all across the globe. Hence, they are not only adequate for casual events but also formal get together. Another distinctive feature associated with the beret is that they are available in different materials and colors. Felt, wool, synthetic fiber, and crochet cotton helps in manufacturing these hats. Hence, you are in a better stance to select among them.

Beret caps
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How about wearing cowboy hats for your outdoor events? 

If you are interested in gardening, hiking, or any such outdoor activities, you can go for wide-brimmed and high crown cowboy hats. They are prevalent all across Western countries and have always remained in fashion. Irrespective of your sense of style, you can wear cowboy hats to give a rugged appearance and a mysterious look. Cowboy hats are available in different materials. However, the traditional ones are fur-based.  

cowboy hats
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Apart from this, you can also take a look at Panama hats. Originating in Ecuador, these hats belong to a specific season. Hence, they are lightweight, breathable, and easy to maintain. The tight weaving makes these hats long-lasting and durable. For that authentic and traditional look, you will have to go for these breathable alternatives.

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