Fashion Forecast- Trendiest Prints of 2021

Fashion Forecast- Trendiest Prints

Binging Netflix for 8 hours straight, baking, cleaning, online meetings, online classes, rather I should say sleeping in online classes. These were the major 2020 trends. Another thing that was in rave was being in pajamas all the time. But it’s finally 2021 and we have high hopes for 2021 to be a good year.
Talking about the new year, we are definitely going to go out a little more and for sure going to step out of our pajamas and get back to our fashion A-game. This year for the spring 2021 show, designers have focused a lot on prints. So, here we have a list of some printed fashion trends for the year.

#1 Floral Blur
We’ve heard about floral prints, ‘floral blur’ is something new for us. So, what is a floral blur? Floral blur prints are inspired by pictures of flowers and not flowers itself. The pictures are deliberately blurred using soft focus lenses or filters. This provides a unique edge to the classic floral prints fabric. This pattern is portrayed by using digital print and even embroidery. 

Floral Blur
Image Credit: fabcurate

#2 Tie and Dye
Tie-dye is suddenly all over YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook feeds, and it could because it's such an accessible trend. It is so easy, just some rubber band and/or strings are tied in some portions of cotton or muslin fabric and then put on the stove for dyeing. This print can be achieved easily on any fabric be it cotton, linen even organza fabric. Tie and dye look super cool on everything- clothes and accessories, because a splash of colors always lighten up the mood. 

Tie and dye
Image Credit: fabcurate

#3 Paradise
Designers have been seeking inspiration from nature since forever. And plant-related stuff always tops the list. Therefore, even in 2021, designers have continued their obsession for plants by taking huge leaves as their inspiration. Humongous leaves are printed creatively in the tints and tones of green or pink. Thought styling this trend can be tough, so here’s a tip. Wear solid colors to accentuate the overall look.  

Image Credit: fabcurate

#4 Abstract
Fashion now a day is all about experimenting and having fun. And these abstract prints are the perfect exemplar for this. Abstract lets designers use their imagination to their full potential and give freedom to promote their creativity to the fullest. No specific motif, or object, or impressions are used to create abstract prints. Just amalgamation of different shapes, colors, and gestures are used to achieve something artistic.

Image Credit: fabcurate

#5 Checks Pattern 

Checks pattern when simplified is nothing but horizontal and vertical stripes intersecting to form a square-like pattern. Inspiration for checks pattern have been the board game of chess. Checks pattern/print used to hold a very low status, until Burberry introduced a checkered collection. It changed the people’s perspective towards checkered pattern. This year too, this pattern is going to be one of the top trending prints which we are going to see on the streets but with bright and contrasting hues. Checks on checks will be on rage in 2021. 
Checks Pattern
Image Credit: fabcurate

#6 Surreal Paisley 

Paisley is an ornamental textile pattern using the boteh or buta, a tear-like pattern with a curved top end. This year stylized versions of paisley are used to give the user vintage yet modern vibes. Earthy tones are tremendously used in this collection. In India, paisley holds an honorable place as paisley motifs are used since ages. And now, a fresh breeze of creativity is flowing in 2021 which will change people’s perspective towards paisley patter.

Image Credit: fabcurate

#6 Twisted Geometry
Geometry is understandable, but understanding twisted geometry twists our mind, quite literally. Twisted geometric fashion is a step ahead of basic geometric fashion. It consists of shapes but in an unusual and in abstract manner creating an illusion for the viewer. Bright colors such as pink, blue, yellow, and green are the star of this collection. This print is going to be the most talked about because of its exceptional concept. Every fashion enthusiast is going to wear this print at least once this year and style it in the most unexceptional way. 
Twisted Geometry
Image Credit: fabcurate

Now that you know, what trends are going to bombard in 2021, it’s time for you to kill with your deadly looks (not literally). And to save you guys from the vigorous long hours of market hunt, Fabcurate has every print that has been or is going to be in trend. It is your one-stop solution for fabrics. It’s like bread and butter. And, and, and you can avail extra 10% discount by using the code - TASHIARAXFABCURATE10. 


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