Bridal Makeup Trends for 2022 Wedding Season

Bridal Makeup Trends For 2022 Wedding Season

The same red, pastel, and smoky party look for the wedding are getting boring and meaningless. Let’s add meaning and take Indian bridal makeup a notch higher this wedding season, what say?

If you are someone who also feels that wedding makeup these days has become cliche and lacks expression, then read on as we've noted down some of the latest Indian bridal makeup trends for 2022. These will add another dimension of depth and meaning to your look and leave you looking absolutely stunning on your D-day.

1) Always choose to highlight one among the eyes and the lips. If you want your makeup to be “Hit” never choose both. However, you can choose to highlight eyes for one event and lips for the other. The top professional bridal makeup artists know how to give a subtle makeup look that compliments the bride’s personality.

2) For those Indian brides looking beyond the classic Red and pink. Lip colors like Coral, Strawberry, Salmon, rosewood, magenta, Wine and mahogany are some of the hot off the fire shades for that offbeat bridal makeup colors.

3) Eye makeup goes beyond just a smoky or glittery eye look. A few lovely shades of eyeshadows to choose from besides just Gold and bronze are Tuscan sun, tangerine, Rose gold and white gold. Dual tones also work like a charm for the bridal eye makeup look

4) Hair is the most ignored part of the bridal makeup which we want to highlight this wedding season. Besides the classic braids and buns, there are a whole lot of bridal hairstyles to choose from. You can save your favorite look.

5) The new-age bridal look is incomplete without a good Hair accessory. Agreed? Either choose jewelry like Maang tikka or matha Patti or Fresh flowers like french rosettes, baby breath, jasmine, oversized crown roses or tiaras. This will ensure the necessary attention that your hairdo deserves.

6) The bridal outfit and jewelry you choose also impact the choice of your makeup. You certainly do not want to look a mismatch on your wedding day right. So choose makeup which goes perfectly with the chosen outfit and diamond or gold jewelry to make the entire look out of the ordinary

7) The subtle shades generally complement best with the Diamond jewelry whereas the brighter tones work well with gold jewelry. If your jewelry is studded with stones, the color of stones like ruby or emerald can also be chosen as a highlight of your entire makeup.

8) The ruby or emerald inspired look is amongst our favorites. A beautiful bride with just the right flash of green or pink colors with a gentle smile on her face is a gratifying sight. Certain shades of green for the eyes and shades of pink for the lips with a highlight of one is the absolute best thing to choose with your diamond jewelry.

Credits: Red Veds

9) Though all that glitters is not gold, it will definitely go well with your Gold jewelry. Bling it up for a glam look or mellow it down with the matte style of makeup for a subtle look. All the shades go well with this choice of jewelry so you do not have to wrap your head around this too much.

10) Outfits you choose may be classic and traditional or chic friendly and modern while each of these has a charm of its own, it’s also necessary to choose the makeup that complements well with the look

11) Traditional Indian brides have certain aspects in the makeup which can be highlighted to enhance the beauty of the bride while reflecting the richness and heritage of a certain culture. Listing some of those aspects here so that you don’t miss out on them

12) Fresh flowers hold a special place for any traditional South Indian bridal look. So, choose to highlight your hair with a lot of fresh flowers.

Credits: Shambhavi’s Makeup Artistry

13) Big Kohl’d eyes with bright red lips and a red bindi are a centric look for any Bengal bride. So definitely choose eye makeup as a highlight and use a well-defined liner and kohl around them.

14) Choose vibrant shades of makeup and the signature half-moon bindi to complement the look of a Maharashtrian bride in Nauvari saree.

15) For North Indian and Punjabi brides, red is an age-old color but you can be a little playful and choose shades of red or pink for makeup, however, the look will not be complete without a good old matha Patti and a circular nose pin.

16) If you are choosing a modern and trendy outfit, you can be a lot more whimsical around makeup too. Make sure to choose the colors that reflect the choice of your outfit and your personality indeed.

Credits: Artcapture Production

17) When you have a very heavy outfit it is always better to go light on the makeup like nude shades of Matte or pastel ones and if your outfit is not very blingy then definitely add some bling in the makeup.

18) Subtle eye makeup and a bright lip makeup does really well on traditional Banarasi or Paithani sarees and even the top wedding makeup artists in delhi can vouch for this. Celebrities like Deepika and Anushka’s looks can be proof enough that this is going to be a big hit. So if you are choosing to wear sarees then this is the look you want to choose.  

If you also want to contribute on this ultimate list of Indian bridal makeup trends in 2022, drop a comment below. 

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