Guide to Women’s Heels: How to Choose Heel Height

Guide to Women’s Heels: How To Choose Heel Height

Women can do anything a man can do but women can do it in heels.’ 

True that! Women can do anything they want and everything at the same time, miraculously in high heels as well. 

High heels, stilettos have always attracted women and everyone’s attention. It has always been around the corner. High heels to be precise have existed since 350 b.c. It has been the symbol of power and authority. Uplifting beauty and making a statement is the basic role of heels.

You don’t need a reason to wear heels. You can wear it on a regular day if you got your hands on the right fit. 80% of women love to wear heels on every occasion. With all the actors, celebrities, and queens wearing heels have made heels a priority item one must-have in your closet. You too want to join the high heels club but stuck with how to choose the right fit? We are here to help you find the best.

Know Your Preferences Before You Buy Heels

A Suitable Height

You are your own Cinderella. Explore the right fit and height if you have not worn heels before. If you are wearing it in your office, party, and even consider the roles you play daily. If you are a  mother: the epitome of strength considers buying accordingly and choose the right sole mate. The higher the heel the more it will your feet sore if you are not used to it. It is important to check your preference for the environment you will head towards. 

The Right Fit

Not wore heels before? Don’t buy online at the first go. Stay calm and explore offline. Walk into the store, get your feet measured, and explore all the options. See which shoes you are comfortable with. 

Avoid loose-fitting heels. Wearing heels, not of your size and fit can cause your muscle problems. Use insole if you are wearing a slightly free pair. Make sure your feet can breathe or you will hurt your heels and toes and end up soaking it in warm water for relief. Better to be sure before than sorry!

Take a Walk

An obvious thing. You won’t sit wearing your heels. When buying heels do not hesitate to take a walk as much as you want, so you know if it’s comfortable for the long run. 

The Thumb Fits and Heel Cup

Wearing heels for an hour and getting bruises for the next two days is certainly not your plan. A check on the close heels gives a narrow space for your heels and hence it is important to check if it lets your toes breathe.

The heel cup allows your shoes to stay in shape. It adds stiffness but also discomforts to your heels. Ensure the sole that is soft as the leather and flexible, and worth the money and time you are investing.

Height and Heels!

The height of the heels plays a vital role in giving you comfort. You can’t find support wearing heels, that are clumsy and embarrassing. Give yourself a chance and slip into the right height which should be above average. Size of the heels if is your concern? Come dig in along with us.

The two-inch game.

Feels like flat. But this size should be your choice only if you have never, never wore heels and are opting for kitten heels tapered cone heels, stacked heels. It must go with your heavy responsibility and surely make you move towards higher heels.

two-inch game heels
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The three-inch game

This is a classic height suggested by many. Prism heels, wedges, platforms, and pumps are available in this height. It will not make your feet sore or uncomfortable.

three-inch game heels
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The four-inch game

Party? Cocktail party? Business meeting? Brunch? Date night? The answer is four-inch heels. Few hours in these are okay if you are not a professional. If you are still considering wearing it occasionally. Platforms, wedges, and stilettos are meant to be worn in four-inch for that extra height and gaze.

four-inch game heels
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Above four inch

These are worn by professionals. It can be discomforting and leave your feet sore. If you opt for wedges, platform, or block heels it might be easier to walk in. 

Selecting the Right Height Heels (Guide)

Wedges Heels

A shoe that has no separated heels. It is easier to walk in and give your feet the total support. It has a strap to hold your heel tight. It is a great alternative in comparison to those pointed heels you are not comfortable with or might not fit the occasion.

Wedges though are a bit showy footwear which looks hunky with denim and skirt if the height of the heel is high. Prefer to wear these with maxi skirts, long dresses, and saree. A perfect fit for casual wear.

Wedges Heels
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Platform Heels

Shoes, boots, or sandals with a thick sole. These daring and extremely stylish heels add a slimming effect to your legs. If you are looking for a mixture of flats comfort and stiletto heels, add these.

It is a perfect fit for a cocktail party, office wear, casual. The platform boots are irresistible, it effortlessly uplifts your elegance and adds boldness. Wear these with ripped jeans, skirts, maxi dresses. It never fails to impress and suits all body types.

High Heel Sandals

Money can’t buy happiness but surely add to your power. High heel is an ultimate remark of your personality. It can make you want it but resist looking at the design imagining the discomfort you might get after a few hours. The high heels are not that discomforting if you are dressing up for a party, or corporate meetings. 

Thin girls can wear these with a long skirt, midway skirt, and ankle-length pants. Might not work that good for curvy girls. Remember that these high heels are a complete package of its own, so don’t wear these with dresses that are already revealing these sandals way too much, might be a fashion fail.

High Heel Sandals
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Comfort and flexibility come in a package called- Pumps. The heels have got the height and toe area at the ground creating an illusion of long height. 

If you are curvy buy the chunky pumps and in height up to 3 to 4 inches. Slim girls can go for basic colors and suiting their height preferences. This is the most preferred heels if can’t find anything comfortable with your dream of slipping into high heels.

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Kitten Heels

You can easily make out if this is your style or not. Associated with Audrey Hepburn. You know it well if not flats then these heels are going with your great height. Symbolizing feminine, delicate, and elegance at the same time. These heels are preferred by most of the working women. The closed toes and semi backless design will surely catch your attention. Wear it with the best dress and you are good to go. Heels height is available and that will not be an issue.

Kitten Heels
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Stiletto Heels

Image already created, haven’t you? Stilettos what we imagine as we hear high heels. But now you how these are different. Stilettos are the most desired pair of heels by any women you will come across, one is reading now see! 

Closed-toes pumps with great height is the automatic key to your confidence and beauty. It defines your elegance. Mostly owned and preferred by businesswomen, celebs. Business meeting, cocktail party, brunch with friends, and family functions you can take this along everywhere. 

A show stopper and dapper collection uplifting any outfit for each body type if you how to carry the heels and your dress along.

Stiletto Heels
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Block Heel
Chunky and separated heels. Supporting and everyday wear heels on your list. It helps you distribute weight and thus you don’t freak out with discomfort even if wearing it for the whole day.

Easier to wear suits all dress other than business casual. For all body type. The height in this will never be a problem.

Block Heel
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There you have it, everything sorted from heels to height and when to wear. Wearing heels is an occasion to celebrate and no men can resonate with that eternal happiness it brings along. Why wait? Explore the options be the queen the secret is right there in the heels. 

Selecting shoes sounds troublesome but being sure of the quality, dimensions, and comfort is never that tough. Collect as much as possible because how can you live the high life if you do not wear High Heels?

Author Bio (Guest Author) 

Akshit Sharma is a Fashion Blogger who is passionate about leather shoes and loves to define style with words. 

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