DIY Sofa Cover Ideas - Know More About Them

DIY Sofa Cover Ideas

There are a few easy steps to follow to make the best of some of the most innovative and practical ideas to cover your sofa. The best part of these ideas is that some of them will not need you to sew the sofa covers

Idea number one: Cover your sofa with drop cloths. This is the most popular, easy, and cheapest DIY way to cover your sofa. The easy steps to follow this process include:

  • Buying the biggest drop cloths available in the market if you cannot measure your sofa accurately 

  • Taking all the cushions off your sofa as possible

  • Laying the drop cloth over the seat so that it covers it up entirely and you can even double-fold and tuck it inside the crevices to prevent slipping

  • Cutting the fabric and lining up the edges 

  • Making sure that the cloth is smooth all over the sofa

  • Pushing and tucking the excess fabric to squeeze it tightly inside the crevices 

  • Laying the other piece of fabric to wrap the cushions so that the opening of the fabric is at the bottom of the cushions and 

  • Placing them on the sofa and pushing the excess fabric to squeeze in tightly so that it does not slip when you sit on it.

You can add to its look, depth, and interest by adding different textures into the arm such as knits, stripes or crochets along with lots of pillows of different colors, patterns and shapes.

Different DIY slipovers

If you are not fond of drop cloths, you can even try out a few different types of DIY slipcovers for different types of sofas. 

  • A DIY sheet sofa slipcover will pay you off well because you will not need to buy any expensive ones from a departmental store. These slipcovers will five your furniture that desired new look. You can use repurpose old sheets for that matter if you do not even want to buy some inexpensive sheets. You will get these from your local thrift stores and will look just like a real one making it a perfect way to cover your sofa as well as the cushions even. It is easy to remove, wash, and put on.

  • You can also use a DIY ruffled sofa slipcover that will also look interesting and elegant. The wonderful ruffled design will give your sofa a welcome and comfortable look. It is easy to make these sofa covers and will even go well with any farmhouse furniture. 

Add beauty with DIY slipcovers with attached cushions on the arm or on the back even. Just customize the pattern while making these covers and take measurements accurately.

Some other project ideas

There are also a few other ones that will need a little bit of sewing skills. Cover the back seat and arms of the sofa, secure them with anchor pins leaving a couple of inches for the seam, mark the meeting points with a pencil, and sew the fabric together. If you do not want to sew, simply cover your sofa with a rug.

The styles to look for:

For the first-timers, it becomes tough to settle for a sofa cover, especially with so many styles available lately. Some of the major ones are listed below for better selection.

  • You can always aim for the floral printed Spandex fabric-based sofa covers. These covers are stretchy enough to cover the entire furniture piece with ease.

  • Then you have a comfortable cotton quilting cushion based cover with lace slip. It will work as a top cover for your sectional sofa.

  • If you want to experiment with style, look for the thick quilted anti-slip sofa covers too.

The perfect features to check on with the sofa covers:

Searching the internet will let you come across so many sofa covers. Some are specifically designed for sectional sofas. Now, the biggest concern is to choose the best one among the lot. Reputed centers will present you with sofa covers in multiple textures, styles, and colors. You get to choose whichever one seems best.

  • Reliable sofa covers will be skin-friendly and hypo-allergic. It means, if you have people with sensitive skin at home, kids, or even pets, these covers will work out great for them. 

  • Remember to check if your selected sofa cover is waterproof or not for home decor. Usually, the fabrics used for manufacturing covers are not water-resistant. So, be very careful and try avoiding liquid spillage.

  • Look in for the sectional sofa covers, which come handy with easy maintenance and care. Most of the reputed covers are machine washable and in cold water. So, you don’t have to wash the covers by hand. Just wash them separately at gentle cycles.

The things that you will come to know while shopping for these slipcovers include:

  • You must consider the style, size, and shape of your sofa to choose the most suitable one. You will also need to consider the back cushions attached to it along with the size and shape of the arms of the sofa.

  • You will need to set it up properly to fit it right on your couch as well. If there are wrinkles, you will need to iron or steam it before putting it on. 

  • Knitted slipcovers are much better than the woven ones when it comes to a tighter fit and if you want a tailored look. 

You must choose a slipcover considering the use, wear, and tear factors. If you eat, drink, and sleep on the sofa, with your family and kids(!), go for a durable and stain-resistant slipcover such as polyester slipcovers instead of cotton ones.


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