Best Homemade Hair Mask Treatments For Dry & Damage Hair

Best natural Hair Treatments

Looking gorgeous is not difficult if you can take good care of your hair. Often people spend a fortune in expensive beauty treatments just to appear attractive for a single occasion. It is better to prefer natural hair treatments over ineffective hair products.

You may be conscious about your appearance; nonetheless, an appealing ensemble must not last within a day. It needs to stay for a lifetime. Beauty freaks may be well aware of the benefits that come with hair products and their savings. Yet, using manufactured products is not an everyday remedy.

You must follow some dos and don’ts for a routine diva look. Get through these best homemade hair treatments for dry, frizzy, and damaged bleached hair or promote their growth. 

Banana Hair Mask Treatment

best homemade hair treatments for dry, damaged and frizzy hair
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It is one of the most common natural hair treatments. You can see beneficial results from banana as it is a great component for health.

1) Peel off a banana in a bowl and mash it using a fork. Repeat the process unless you get a smooth mix. Or you can quickly drop the banana into a food processor and prepare a mixture. Make sure to wash the bowl properly.

2) Add honey, milk, egg, and olive oil into the banana mixture. Blend everything properly and prepare a homemade hair mask. Here, olive oil and honey will prevent breakage while milk will strengthen your follicles and add shine. Eggs are essential for hair growth, and bananas will add moisture.

3) Apply the banana mask in your hair and keep massaging for at least one minute properly. Divide your hair into sections and cover your hair in the mask gently. In the case of split ends, give more time to your hair tips. (Also ReadNatural Home Remedies To Treat Split Ends)

4) Let the mask remain in your hair for approx. thirty minutes as ample time is essential for visible results. If you have oily hair and also your natural hair mask includes oil, you can apply it for fifteen minutes only.

5) Gently wash your hair with your regular shampoo and rinse out the mask properly. Make sure to remove all the ingredients from your hair. You may feel the urge to apply shampoo twice in your hair for getting free from the mask.

6) Repeat the process every week as per the condition of your hair. In case of having oily hair, stick to once a week use. If you have dry hair, you can keep using a homemade hair mask thrice every week.

Avocado Conditioning Hair Mask

Avocado Conditioning Hair Mask

The natural hair treatments involving avocado are dependent on your hair type. You may need a whole avocado or just half of it as per the length.

1) Cut avocado in a properly washed bowl after removing the peel. Either use a fork to mash it or blend the fruit in a food processor to prepare a smooth mixture. Assure that there are no chunks left.

2) Add yogurt, egg, and essential oils like peppermint, lavender, or olive oil. Stir it with a fork or blend it in the processor again. Aside from the previously discussed benefits, avocado is beneficial for conditioning, and yogurt strengthens your hair.

3) Massage the paste into every section of your hair for one minute. Continue with the procedure until all your hair is quickly covered in the paste. Make sure to apply the mask in clean and damp hair. Also, wrap a towel around your neck to prevent any stains.

4) Let the avocado paste rest in your hair for a maximum of fifteen minutes. Try to cover your hair with a shower cap or leave it uncovered as per your choice. Ample time is enough for the nutrients to absorb in your hair.

5) Rinse your hair properly with water. Dry it properly and find a moisturizing soft touch. The paste alone will not lead to greasy hair; therefore, using shampoo is not required. In the case of adding any essential oils, you can prefer shampooing for washing out the overall homemade hair mask.

6) Repeat the process every two weeks for conditioning your hair correctly. You will soon find shiny and smooth hair within weeks.

Coconut Oil Hair Solution

Among all the best homemade hair treatments with coconut oil, it is the simplest one to prepare. Follow the steps properly.

1) Look for a high-quality virgin or unrefined coconut oil from a trustworthy brand. The less processed one is beneficial for your follicles. It is rich in nutrients and is available in both solid and liquid forms.

2) Gently heat the coconut oil either in solid or liquid form, but make sure not to overheat it. Adjust the quantity of oil according to your hair and warm it on the stove. You can prefer the microwave as well. Test the oil by checking it on your fingertip.

3) Massage your hair with oil if it is not uncomfortable to touch. Smoothly massage for approx. one minute and cover your overall hair. Try not to get any oil stains as do not get away quickly.

4) Let the oil sit in your hair for at least thirty minutes for effective results. It will add shine and strengthen your hair. In the case of dry hair, prefer leaving the oil overnight for finding visible results. You can cover your head while sleeping or wrap your pillow in a towel to prevent stains.

5) Wash the coconut oil thoroughly by the regular shampooing method. You may need to apply the shampoo twice if your hair is habitual of absorbing more products. Skip the use of conditioner and let the effects remain.

6) Repeat the process weekly according to the condition of your hair. In case of having oily hair, stick to once a week use. If you have dry hair, you can keep using a natural hair mask thrice a week.

Final Thoughts 

Follow these DIY homemade hair treatments for dry and damaged hair and stick to them for a few weeks. Beautiful hair will enhance your overall ensemble and help you look your best. Stay strong with hair long!

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