Know The Difference Between BB, CC and DD Creams

Difference Between BB, CC and DD Creams

Achieving a natural, flawless skin is a dream for all the ladies in the world. If you have ever come across a Korean woman in your life, then you might understand what I am talking about. Korean beauty secrets have literally taken over the world by storm, and it is a dream come true for all the ladies to achieve glass skin like them.

With the innovations in the beauty world, you might have come across all these alphabets BB, CC, and DD. But not all of us are familiar with what they mean or do.

In layman's terms, they are all formulated and are meant to take care of your skin at all times. BB, CC, and DD creams have been around in the makeup industry for quite a while now. Makeup artists had forgotten how the beauty world looked like before these innovative creams came into the picture. If you also get confused as in which one is the best for you and if all of them sound similar to you, then, here we bring you a detailed breakdown of BB, CC, and DD creams.

What is a BB Cream?

The Blemish balm or Beauty balm is neither simply a tinted cream, nor is it solely a foundation it is much more than that. BB cream's unique formula permits it to perform unexpectedly and supremely. It is a primer, moisturizer, and a foundation and also an all in one. However, the focus should be on the thought that when we already have three separate products with all these benefits, then how did a cream like that acquire existence?

Well, Korean ladies needed an alternate for the basic foundation as they suggested that their daily foundation was too thick and looked tacky for an everyday look. Hence, the BB creams came into existence and started exploding within the Korean beauty market.

BB, CC and DD Creams

BB cream is a light-weight formula compared to the standard foundation. However, it does offer sheer to medium coverage just like a standard foundation. It has a smoother texture; therefore, it does not look cakey when applied and provides you with the much-needed natural finish.

When you apply BB Creams, it gets difficult for people to realize makeup on your face even if they stand up close to you. It also can be used as a primer because it can even out the skin tone and provide you with the most natural and inner glow. It also blurs out your pores to give you the flawless poreless look. It additionally contains moisturizing ingredients and SPF, which will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized without the need of any external moisturizer.

Being very similar to foundation, BB Cream comes in a variety of shades and formulas preferably radiant, luminous, and glowing. It is available in shades for fair to medium skin tone with yellow undertones. The best thing is that most beauty brands make shades for the darkest possible skin tone. BB Cream is helpful for dry and flaky skin because it doesn't intensify wrinkles, scars, and fine lines. Instead, it provides them with a smooth complexion and hydrated skin.

What is a CC Cream?

CC Creams are best known as color correction creams, and they have stayed in the market for years. It has been a well-liked makeup essential in Asia and Europe. In the market, you will find a variety of CC creams starting from CC creams that are affordable to high-end ones.

In contrast to multitasking BB cream, CC cream simply focuses on the color correction. The first role of a CC cream is to battle uneven texture and even out skin tone. Where BB creams are like a light-weight foundation, CC cream provides better overall coverage and also proves to be beneficial in camouflaging redness, pigmentation, and spots. CC cream is for those with serious skin issues. With its matte effect, it offers a flawless and smooth skin, which gives the illusion of your skin just better.

CC cream won't act as a 3-in-1 item for you. However, it may work as a foundation if you are okay with a brilliant light-weight version of a foundation. It has become a favorite due to several reasons. It hides spots and redness while not feeling seriously cakey. CC creams are great for people who do not want to use a heavy-duty foundation and a concealer regularly. Instead of using two separate products, you can use just a CC cream to cover all your imperfections. Some CC creams come with a little spectrum of sunscreen as well, and it can offer brightness too.

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Girl wearing BB, CC and DD Creams

What is a DD Cream?

DD Creams are a new addition to the world of alphabetical combinations. As the name suggests, DD Creams are actually Do-It-All creams or Daily Defence Cream. They are designed to prime, smooth, and defend your skin, each instantly and over time. Besides all that, these lotions even have anti-aging benefits. They were actually designed for creature skin as they require more protection over time. They additionally facilitate the skin in fighting against first signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

DD creams are worn as the next level of moisturizer rather than a foundation. It will be the star of your base-makeup kit. The most compelling benefit of DD Cream is that it covers spots and imperfections without covering your good skin. It rather offers sheer coverage that evens out everything. It performs both skincare and makeup duties and additionally cover the spots, protects the skin and combats the signs of aging as well as fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredients and formula in DD cream are specified that they concentrate on defending your skin from environmental harm like pollution leading to healthier skin. Now that you recognize why everybody has been crazy regarding the DD Creams all we can say is that it is definitely worth your money.


All these sun protection and skin lightening creams have become a necessity for all the girls in the world. People are going more towards minimalism rather than putting on a full dolled up face. These creams come in handy when you want to look put together without having to put too many efforts. Since these creams provide skincare benefits, they are great to use every day even for sensitive skin types.


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