What Does Your Digestion Have To Do with Acne?

What Does Your Digestion Have To Do with Acne?

It is a well-known fact that all diseases start in the gut. And acne is no different. Apart from all the hormonal activities and pollution, even your digestive system plays a role in these annoying little creatures popping up on your skin.

Acne is common for all the teenagers, but if you are suffering from acne even in your 30s there is a chance that your digestion is causing it. The reasons might vary but the most overlooked reason behind them is your gut.

What Are the Reasons?

There are many reasons why your digestive system might be causing your acne.

1. A Leaky Gut

If you have a leaky gut, it means that there is inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract. And due to this, semi-digested food makes its way into your bloodstream, causing breakouts. Although the experts are still to dig deeper into the subject, there are still ways that you can get rid of those annoying zits. You can use the most popular calamine lotion for acne to treat them as well on the outside.

2. An Unhealthy Microbiome

In case if you forgot some of your biology high school lessons, a microbiome is a complex ecosystem of trillions of bacteria that hang out in the gut. When your stomach is healthy, everything functions well and you stay and look healthy. But when these microbiomes are off, everything in your body is affected. From the brain to energy levels, and even the hormonal acne. Adding more gut-healthy probiotics such as fiber-rich vegetables and meals and stocking up on fermented food items.

3. You Might Be in Need of the Healthy Fats
There are two varieties of fats- the ones present in cakes, pastries and doughnuts and the ones present in walnuts, olive oil, almonds and avocados. Fats not only keep your weight in check but also fight breakouts. Europeans use olive oil in their pasta and bread. This not only slows down the process of release of sugars from food rich in carbohydrates, but also suppresses body’s response of inflammation and helps in the making of healthy hormones. If you are not eating enough of such healthy fats, you could end up experiencing acne and even low immunity level. So add avocados and olive oil into your diet as soon as you can.

4. Your Stomach Acid Might Be Low

If you have to reach out for antacids each time you finish your meal, you should know that something is wrong. And that something wrong is your stomach acid being low. This might happen when your body’s pH balance is not optimum and the nutrients are unable to get absorbed from the food that you eat which causes your meal to stay longer in your stomach unnecessarily. This causes it to ferment and result in high toxicity levels that are shown on your skin as acne.

In order to check whether is the case with you, you can drink or eat beetroot and then check your urine. If it’s color is pink, it’s true! So if it’s true for you, you need to minimize your intake of acidic food items like sugar, alcohol, and meat, and instead stock up on fruits, vegetables and water and even ACV. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice also help balance your ph levels.


Now that you know the relationship between your acne and your digestive system, let us tell you how you can live a healthy lifestyle by adopting small and simple changes that have a big impact.

Drink Lots of Water

1. Drink Lots of Water

You have kidneys that detox your body for you. However, your kidneys work better when you provide them with enough water. So drinking enough water is associated with improved skin health. Also, you must have heard from all the models and actresses that drinking plenty of water is the secret behind their glowing and flawless skin.

2. Avoid Inflammatory Food Items

Although each person is different from the other, there are some annoying food items that are known to cause inflammation are- milk, sugar, gluten, and alcohol. They can even trigger breakouts or bloating in some people. Especially, the cow’s milk is said to spike IGF-1 which leads to inflammation. So avoiding such food items can help with your skin problems.


Now you know that your acne might be because of your problems in the digestive system. Hence, these and other simple points like taking care of your hygiene can help you to have a lifestyle that is healthy and does not affect your skin’s health as well.

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