7 Benefits of Drinking Hot (Warm) Water in Morning

Why is drinking warm water good for you?

It comes with no surprise that water is essential for our survival. Even, you may have probably heard doctors suggesting that drinking 6-8 glasses of water in a day to stay in the pink of health, right?  However, what you might not know is that drinking a glass of warm (lukewarm) water early in the morning has countless benefits from weight loss to flushing out harmful toxins. Today, we are going to unveil the top 7 benefits of drinking hot (warm) water. Also, we have an insightful VIDEO for you at the bottom of this post. Let's deep dive in. 

1) Helps in Throat and Nasal Congestion

If you are suffering from a cough, cold, or sore throat, try to drink some hot water. It acts as an excellent natural remedy for throat and nasal congestion. It dissolves the accumulated phlegm and helps in removing it from the respiratory tract.  As such, it provides a great respite from a sore throat. Also, it helps in clearing nasal congestion. 

2) Weight Loss (Reduce Belly Fat) 

Another great advantage of drinking hot water is its ability to shed extra pounds. To get noticeable weight loss results, drink a glass of hot water with lemon every day early in the morning. This will help in breaking down the fat tissues, making it easier for you to reduce belly fat. In addition, drinking a glass of hot water early in the morning boosts metabolism which is significant when you are shedding extra kilos. 

Can hot water reduce belly fat?

3) Detoxify the Body 

Developing a healthy habit of drinking hot water early in the morning helps your body to detoxify. When you drink hot water early in the morning, your body temperature gradually rises which makes you start sweating. When you start perspiring, your body will be able to release harmful toxins.  For great results, squeeze a fresh lemon on the hot water glass before drinking. 

4) Soothe Menstrual Cramps

Hot water also helps in relieving painful menstrual spasms and cramps. It has soothing and calming effects on the abdominal muscles, which helps in healing severe menstrual spasms and cramps. So, next time whenever you are suffering from menstrual spasms and cramps, drink a glass of hot water. 

Soothe Menstrual Cramps
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5) Prevents Acne, Pimples & Premature Aging Of The Skin

Drinking a glass of hot water early in the morning flushes out harmful toxins. Also, it deeply cleanses your skin and eliminates acne, pimples, premature aging of the skin, and other skin-related problems.

Is drinking hot water good for skin?

6) Promotes Good Growth of The Hair 

Drinking hot water is good for hair too. It stimulates the roots of your hair, which increases the growth of hair. Not only this, but it also keeps the scalp of your hair hydrated and helps in fighting against dandruff or dry scalp.

7) Stop Hangover 

Drink a glass of hot water to hydrate your body and stop the hangover.

Stop Hangover

Before you leave, don't forget to watch this amazing VIDEO on 'what are the best times to drink water' presented by 'Finding Natural Cures'. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Should you drink warm water before bed?

Having a glass of lukewarm water before bed helps you detox the body. It can also help you in relieving pain or acute cramping in the stomach.

2) Can warm water reduce belly fat?

Yes, gulping down a glass or two of lukewarm water with lemon early in the morning can help you in weight loss and reducing belly fat. It is also recommended to drink a glass of warm water 30 minutes before taking a meal.

3) What are the disadvantages or side effects of drinking hot water?

Drinking too much hot water can cause blisters or ulcers in the mouth, create an imbalance of water level concentration in the body, scald tongue, lips, or the inner lining of the mouth, damage kidneys, etc. 

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