3 Pool Party Outfit Ideas to Splash

Pool Party Outfit Ideas

Summers are around the corner and what better way to celebrate the summer spirit than an enthusiastic and booze-filled pool party! Sitting on the poolside bench while relishing a fruity drink and soaking in the sun’s rays seem like paradise on earth with your gang. The biggest question when preparing for any party remains constant, that is, what do you wear? Fret no more! Read on for some tips and outfits which will definitely add more class to your summer wardrobe.

Remember that a pool party does not only require you to be in your best swimwear, but you’re expected to have complementing spares and extras. A floaty caftan, cute flat sandals, and signature sunglasses make for a strong fashion statement. Here are 3 stylish outfit ideas that will make you want to head out to the pool with your gals immediately.

1) A one-piece bathing suit with a great set of accessories

A combination of a one-piece bathing suit, a juniper sarong, ochre shades, and ankle-tie flat sandals, this adds up to a classy outfit which will surely make all your girlfriends burn with jealousy.  Since you’re wearing a one-piece bathing suit, you could look at summer skirts and denim cut-offs as an alternative to a sarong to make for a chic look.

The choice of your accessories can either make or break the appeal of your outfit. One of the essential accessories at a pool party is a bag in which you can keep extra stuff like your swimwear, sunscreen, moisturizing cream, etc.

one-piece bathing suit
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While leather bags pump up every outfit, you’d want to skip over these at a pool party as they might get wet and face wear and tear post your little celebration. Carrying a basketweave jute bag with this outfit will result in you being the classiest woman at the gathering.

2) Wearing Denim Shorts with a Cool Cotton Tank Top

Denim shorts, a cotton tank top and a patterned robe to cover it all up — all say, “Bring the summer spirit on!” A simpler yet sexy look, this outfit can be customized from top to bottom. Switch the tank top for a lace crop top, and you’ve got something! These lace tops for women can step up your fashion game when substituted for the tank top.

Sandals are an excellent option for footwear as compared to heels when you’re attending a pool party. If you’re not a sandals person, you can opt for espadrille wedges or platforms while matching the tone of the outfit.

Denim Shorts with a Cool Cotton Tank Top
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Add some cool sunglasses to shield your eyes, and a sombrero to keep your head fresh and you are fully prepared to partake in a fun-filled gossip session by the pool. You can always carry a light jacket to cover yourself up when the sun goes down.

3) Pairing a Two-piece Bikini with a Sundress

A two-piece bikini is always sexier than a one-piece bathing suit. Pair it with a white sundress and cute earrings, and you’ve got the most glamorous look out there. However, with a two-piece bikini, there are multiple styles you can adapt with different combinations.

If you’re feeling free and easy, you could put a t-shirt over your bikini and go for a bolder look. Similarly, your white button-down shirt from work can be used as a layer over your swimsuit. If not, you can don a sarong, which is a large piece of fabric to be worn as a skirt. Similarly, you can opt for bright patterned culottes to match the summer spirit.

Two-piece Bikini with a Sundress
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All these outfits have one thing in common, i.e., they are made out of natural fabrics. This is one factor that you should keep in mind when selecting your outfit. All your clothes, which cover your swimwear, should preferably be made of cotton or linen. Synthetic clothes tend to absorb heat and increase your skin temperature significantly.

The opposite is true for your swimwear as natural fabrics have high water absorption capacity. Thus, when you step out of the pool, your swimsuit would weigh you down and make you uneasy. Synthetic swimwear is always the way to go.

So the next time you’re freaking out over an outfit for the pool or a beach, check out this complete dress guide and be on your way in a matter of a few minutes. Happy summers!


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