What to Wear in Goa? A Complete Dress Guide for Girls

What to Wear In Goa? A Complete Dress Guide for Girls

The thought of a Goa trip with a gang of besties excites almost all of us. Not because it’s Goa, because it’s GOAAAAA…..which gives us a different vibe altogether. No other destination in India sounds ‘cool’ better than Goa. Right girls? If you are planning to visit Goa with your besties, here is a complete dress code you need to follow to look oh-so-stylish in your endless selfie sessions. Also, don't forget to watch the VIDEO on 'Top Things To Do In Goa' at the 'bottom' of this post. 

#1 Shorts - The More, The Merrier 
When you are on a beach vacay, don’t shy away from sporting your sexy legs by wearing shorts. The more you have, the merrier you will be. The best thing about shorts is that they are not only comfortable, but can also be worn with almost anything. We suggest you to carry as many as you can, and of all kinds. That way, you can wear almost every type when you step out. It is always considered wise to wear linen/cotton shorts when you hit serene beaches of Goa, since denim shorts not only take a good amount of time in drying, but they can also be quite uncomfortable in the heat. 

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#2 Flowy, maxis and bohemian kind dresses to match Goan vibe
When you are in a beach town, flowy and maxi dresses are perfect to wear to keep up with the coastal vibes. They come in different styles like kimonos, kaftans, and ponchos, and are comfortable, trendy as well as sexy to wear anywhere from a romantic evening stroll to beach parties. Carry at least three to four dresses if you are going to stay in Goa for 7-8 days.

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#3 Tank Tops, Loose T-Shirts and Spaghetti 
Tank tops, loose t-shirts and halter-neck spaghetti are quintessential Goa dress code, since you are unable to wear them in your daily work life. They can be paired with almost anything, and are perfect for a stroll in the middle of the night to buy a couple of beers from the local market.

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#4 Go a little offbeat – Wear Harem pants, Pallazos, Dhotis, and Mermaid Pants
If you love to experiment with styles, why not go a little offbeat and pair your sports bra or bikini tops with dhoti pants, flowy palazzos, and harem pants to create your own fashion sense.

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#5 Bikini/Monokini/Tankini– Whatever You Love! 
Goa beachwear is incomplete without bikinis, monokini, and tankini. So whatever you have, pull out all those to flaunt your bikini body. Even if you don’t have a sexy bikini body, tankinis and high-waisted bikinis are perfect options too try. Nobody is gonna judge you based on what you’re wearing in beach/pool areas and you shouldn’t too.

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#6 Sarongs/Bikini Cover Up
When shopping for a Goa trip, always remember that sarong is just as important as bikini, especially if you are a bit curvy. These beach coverups go with the beachy vibe and can be easily drape around your waist. If you don’t want to splurge on beach cover-ups, you can make a sarong on your own by using a long scarf.

#7 Shades – A Must-Have
A cool pair of shades not only completes your beach look, but also makes you look effortlessly stylish for selfie sessions.

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#8 Fedora Hats
Timeless, elegant and a necessity for a beach vacation to protect yourself from the scorching heat whilst making you look uber chic.

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What else one should carry when visiting a beach vacation? If you have something in mind, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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