Low Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Cause Cavities for Kids


For every woman, pregnancy is an important phase that requires special care and attention to the ladies expecting a child. The care includes the intake of food rich in nutrients. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is important for the health of the mother and her baby. Mothers take all the necessary precaution to make sure that their child is healthy. Deficiency of any nutrient can affect your baby in several ways. One such deficiency is the deficiency of Vitamin D. 

As per a new study in Canada, low vitamin levels during pregnancy can cause a higher risk of cavities in the teeth of their kids. Similarly, earlier studies have also linked vitamin D deficiency in mothers with defects in the enamel of their kids’ teeth. And we know how such defects can have a higher risk of tooth decay over time. Clearly, researches show a link between lack of vitamin D and risk of cavities which can’t be ignored. 

The study in Canada 

As per a study conducted in Canada, it has been found that there is a correlation between the lower levels of Vitamin D during pregnancy and the Oral Health of the toddlers. The deficiency of Vitamin D will result in a lower level of calcium and phosphorous which are important for the betterment of the teeth of your baby. The problems that will rise due to such deficiency is a defect in the enamel of the tooth and early tooth cavities in your baby. 

The study was conducted in 206 pregnant women at the starting of the third trimester and the 135 infants who were not more than 16 months old. The results were as follows:

#1) 21 women were found to have an adequate level of Vitamin D which was around 10.5% approx. The rest were found deficient
#2) Out of the 135 infants – 21% had the defect in the enamel and nearly 33.6% were facing the issue of early tooth decay

Through this study, it was found that the mother of the infants who faced enamel defects has a lower concentration of Vitamin D during pregnancy and the mother of infants facing the issue of early tooth decay had significantly lower levels of Vitamin D during pregnancy. And defect in the enamel ultimately lead to the issue of cavities in the teeth. 

Nutrition and pregnancy 

This study clearly indicates as to how important it is to take good care of the expected mother during the pregnancy. For this, they should have a diet rich in all the minerals and vitamins. If nutrition is proper, there will be a positive effect on the would-be child. Plus, they should follow the daily routine as prescribed by their gynecologist. If after the visit it was found that the expected mother lacks Vitamin D, then either they will advise a supplement or a tablet to overcome that deficiency or will suggest natural remedies such as consume sun rays, for this you need to spend some time in the sunlight as it is a good and direct source of Vitamin D. 


Here is now nutrition should be during pregnancy: 

1) Consuming food rich in Vitamin D such as eggs, mushrooms, wild salmon, etc.
2) In addition to this, reducing the intake of carbohydrates will also help as it reduces the need for Vitamin D.
3) Also, the intake of sugar should lessen.
4) It is very important to take the preventive steps at the beginning itself so that the mothers do not face any such deficiency
5) The dietary intake should increase along with the supplements for Vitamin D.
6) Every woman should intake around 4000 units of Vitamin D every day to ensure that the baby does not suffer from any after effect.

Nutritional diet and oral care of a toddler 

Even if the deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy can increase the risk of cavities in toddlers, there are ways mother can use post birth that can keep the oral health of their wards in check. With the proper and right diet and with oral care, mothers can keep safe the oral health of their kids. Not only during pregnancy, but the improvement in the nutritional diet of your toddler when the tooth has just started erupting or during early childhood can protect your teeth from cavities. 


Here are some of the tips for diet and oral care of toddler: 

1) The toddlers should be given an adequate amount of food rich in all the nutrients   
2) The oral care routine of your child also involves visiting a dentist for this you can look out for the best pediatric dentist near me and can take your child to the kids’ specialist
3) Taking your child to a dentist early will prove to be beneficial for their Oral Health and overall health in the future.
4) Kids dental care is equally important and should never be avoided in any circumstance

Clearly, the risk of cavities in kids can be minimized with the right diet and oral care. Plus, pregnant women can also take care of their diet and have proper intake of vitamin D to keep low the risk of tooth decay in all condition. 


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