Is India the Best Destination for Low Cost Hair Transplant?

Best Destination for Low Cost Hair Transplant

Places like Paris, London, Switzerland, NewYork are known to as most preferred tourist hub. Every Indian wanted to visit such places but have you think about medical hub? A medical hub is a place where people from around the world are coming for the medical treatment. It’s a fact that countries like India, Thailand, Mexico, become the medical hub for the people around the world. Especially, in 2015, India is the top destination for medical treatment, people from Russia. Foreign patients around the work are coming to cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Indore and India’s health capital Chennai.

India, Hub of Medical Tourism

Do you know why India is known as the hub of medical tourism, here I am sharing the reason behind it:

Top Quality Medical Treatment – India is having top rated surgeons in the world. India doctors are very skilled that is why India is having the highest success rate of medical treatment.

Affordable Cost – In India one can get medical treatment at most affordable cost without sacrificing the quality of the treatment.

Best Experience – Highly skilled doctors, trained nurses, dedicated staff, quality medicines and low cost, all these things makes India top destination for medical treatment.

Hair Transplant Need

In today’s lifestyle, everyone is having so much work pressure and stress that ultimately causes unnatural hair loss. Unnatural hair loss not only affects your physical appearance but also decrease your confidence.

Nowadays due to advancement in modern science, we are able to prevent the unnatural hair loss.  There are so many clinics for hair transplant in India but to find out the best hair transplant in India one should keep some points in mind like feedback and reviews of previous clients, cost of hair transplant procedure, a procedure they are using and ultimately the result. It is very important that after the procedure new hairs feels natural.

Why India is the Best Destination for Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is no more a puzzle, people accepted and preferred hair transplant in India. There are many reasons why people around the globe are visiting India for the medical treatment; here I am sharing some of them:

Low-cost hair transplant in India

India is rising as a most popular destination for hair transplant. In India, medical treatments are cost-effective, offers hair transplant surgeries on your budget. In western countries like the UK, USA, Germany, Russia medical cost is very high, that is why India is the emerged as a Medical Hub for hair transplant. As per the estimation, hair transplant surgery cost in India is only 20% to 25% of total cost of hair transplant in any western country.

Hair transplant surgery cost depends on the below factors:
- Method of hair transplantation preferred by the surgeon
- Area of baldness
- The number of grafts needs to be implanted

Hair Transplantation Techniques or methods

There are two main methods of hair transplant:
1. FUT (Strip) Method – In this method scar appeared after surgery is linear and visible. This method is comparatively cost effective.
2. FUE Method –In this method post surgery scar is not visible. This method is comparatively costly.

What is Cost of Hair Transplant?

As we already shared that cost of hair transplant depends on the number of grafts needed to be implanted in the bald area. Cost per graft depends on surgeon’s qualification and experience, it also depends on location, and generally, it is more in metro cities. Cost per graft varies between INR 30 to 80, the overall cost of hair transplant in India ranges between Rs 60,000 to Rs 140,000 for one sitting.

Best Quality Treatment

India is having renowned surgeons of hair transplant, but you may get low-quality treatment if the selection of best surgeon of hair transplant is not proper. One has to select the best surgeons for hair transplant in India carefully. Substandard quality not only leads to loss of money, time and efforts but a lifelong disappointment, that’s why the selection of best hair transplant surgeon is the first priority.

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