10 Things You Can Relate If You Are Punjabi (*VIDEO*)

10 Things You Can Relate If You Are A Punjabi Person

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘Punjabis’? We bet not just a thing, in fact so many things come in your mind instantly starting from Sarson da Saag te Makki di Roti to Punjabiyan Pappi te Jhappi. Right? 

Loving, cheerful, entertaining, foodie and high on energy- this is what Punjabis are known for. They always believe in living life to the fullest. Let’s admit the fact that Punjabis are the most cheerful people alive on the earth. They have their unique style of living, which makes them stand out from the crowd and that’s why people say ‘Punjabiyan di Shaan wakhri’. Today, we are going to share 10 things, which you can relate if you are born in a Punjabi family or you have a Punjabi friend. Also, don't forget to watch the VIDEO at the end of this post

#1 Breakfast Means Aloo Paranthas – They Don’t Even Think About Dieting

Breakfast Means Aloo Paranthas

#2 Lassi – Synonym of Water in Punjab 

Lassi – Synonym of Water in Punjab

Guests are not served with chai or coffee, but with a tall glass of lassi.

#3 They are Extra Loud or You Can Say They’re Excited About Everything

They are Extra Loud or You Can Say They’re Excited About Everything

Even if you’re standing just few inches away from Punjabis, they will talk in such a loud tone that as if you were standing a few kilometers away from them.  

#4 BC and MC is quite Common – Yeah it’s True  
BC and MC is quite Common – Yeah it’s True

Without using BC and MC, they can’t speak even a complete sentence.  You can say this is how they roll ABEY or OYE.

#5 You Can’t Beat them in Alcohol – They Have Infinite Capacity  

Everything is incomplete without a daaru in Punjab.

#6 They are very Melodramatic Person – Drama Runs In Their Veins Just Like Blood 

#7 Saanu ki Farak Painda Hai? A Typical Punjabi's Response Even To the Biggest Problem

#8 They Have Their Own Cool Slangs  
Those ‘syapa pae gaya’, ‘rola pae gaya’, ‘pairi pona aunty ji’ and ‘chittar’ words come into existence just because of ‘Punjabis’.

#9 Punjabi Aunties Are the Best Detective in the World 
To be honest, Punjabi aunties can beat any detective agency in spying. They know each and everything like whose boy was Balwinder ji's daughter dating to the board marks of Sharma ji’s son. They even have a detective squad which keeps them updated round the clock.

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#10 They Love To Shout ‘Balle Balle’ anytime 

Before you leave, watch this amazing video on ‘When Punjab is On The Phone’ presented by BeingIndian

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