5 Best Summer Makeup Tips That Every Girl Should Know

 Best Summer Makeup Tips For Oily Skin That Every Girl Should Know

With summers officially here, we all are geared up for pool parties, beach vacations and lounging with besties. Aren’t we? With mercury level soaring high, it’s really gonna challenging to keep your makeup last all day long. So, if you are on the lookout for some really cool tips to nail the summer makeup look without worrying about smeared eyeliner, melting make-up and super-sticky lipstick, then you’re absolutely at the right place. We’re going to reveal some best summer makeup tips that every girl should know. So, here we go.

Avoid Powder Blush

Powder blush can make your skin look matte and cakey instead of dewy in warm temperatures. Opt for using a gel or blush stain that is easy to blend in and will won't fade in hot weather. If you want to increase the longevity of the blush as you wear it, you'll need to dust a finishing powder on top to lock it in.

Opt for Sheer Products

Rich colors that are dramatic can look heavy in the summer season. Instead, opt for sheer colors when applying lipstick or eye shadow. If you want extra definition around your lips, use a liner that can make the light color more visible. A clear liner will also prevent the color from bleeding throughout the day. Swap out your heavy lipstick for tinted lip balms and bright stains that look natural to create a beautiful appearance.

Use a Tinted Moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer instead of foundation to even out your skin tone and prevent it from appearing blotchy. Choose a product that has an illuminating formula to make your skin glow.

Use Shine Strategically

Use Shine Strategically

Use light-catching highlighting products by blending liquid highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the brow bones. Avoid overusing the product, which can cause the makeup to look heavy. Use copper eyeshadow on your lids and a glimmering shade to add extra definition to your eyes. This makeup look will allow your eyes to pop and stand out.

Prime Your Skin

Prime Your Skin

Priming your skin before you apply your makeup will prevent your blush or foundation from melting off when you spend time under the bright sun. Apply primer to clean skin and allow it to dry before adding foundation or powder. You can also apply your foundation with a dampened makeup sponge to allow it to go on sheer without looking thick and cakey. Use even strokes and allow it to dry before applying powder or a finishing spray for a matte look. Lastly, don’t forget that lip balm. 

If you also know some other best summer makeup tips, don’t forget to share with us in the comments below. Your thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks!

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