Best Makeup Tips And Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Now, there is no need to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning to create that perfect makeup look. With Tashiara professional makeup tips, you can accentuate your best features in no time. So, get ready to take a look! 

7 Expert Makeup Tips and Tricks That You Must Know 

Treat Your Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes By Creating A Triangle Rather Than A Half-Moon: The best way to conceal your dark circles and puffy eyes is to apply the concealer in a triangular shape.

Make Any Eyeshadow Pop: To make any eyeshadow appear more vibrant and colorful on your eyelid, cover your entire eyelid with a white eyeliner pencil before applying the color of your favorite choice.

Heat Your Eyelash Curler: Hold your hair blow dryer up next to your eyelash curler for about 2-3 seconds. Blowing hot air on the curler will help your eyelashes to curl easily and stay curled for a long time.

Don’t Self-Tan Your Face (know the basics of bronzer): You should always apply bronzer on your face, neck and chest to get even the skin tone. Make sure everything is the same color.

For Long-Lasting Lip Color: Once you applied the lipstick, lay a tissue paper over your lips and apply a translucent powder over it. This will instantly create a matte look that last for a long time.

Use A Spoon To Apply Mascara: Hold a spoon against your eyelid and then apply mascara on your eyelashes like you normally do.  When you move the mascara wand on your eyelashes, you will see that residue coats the spoon rather than your skin.

Know The Difference Between All Those Eye Pencils And Find Yours: Pencil, shadow, gel, liquid? There are countless options to line your eyes. Discover the best!

If you also know some best makeup tips and tricks, please don't forget to share with us. 


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