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Being a slave to fashion is something not everyone wants to do. Whether you are crazy about updating your looks and style according to the latest fashion or you like to dress up, but according to your own terms, creating a signature look of your own can actually make a great impact on your personality and how the others perceive you. It is nothing but true that most of the times you cannot simply incorporate the type of fashion which models are seen carrying into your daily life. They are either too loud for your style or too heavy on your pocket. This is why even many fashion designers and stylists agree to the fact that one should create his own signature look and add variations to it according to the latest ongoing trend.

What Exactly Is A Signature Style?

A signature look is something with which people can immediately associate you with. It is when they spot a certain piece of item having a distinct cut, design, style or color and it reminds them of you. It can be anything from the type of patterns you wear, the colors you like wearing, the kind of cuts you like in your coats, or the fact that you always prefer a custom fitted dress shirts over an off the rack one.

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How To Create A Signature Look? 

While the idea of creating a signature look seems quite easy, it in fact takes some effort when you have not decided what you actually want. The simple and the easiest step is to experiment with different textures, designs, cuts, looks and materials, and decide that which makes you look more graceful and appealing and makes the positives in your personality shine out the most. Most of all, the signature look which you want to carry should be something which comes naturally to you and makes you feel extremely comfortable.

So, if you are that type of a person who prefers wearing a custom shirts over the readymade ones which are being sold in the various departmental stores, then you should always make it your signature style. These shirts are tailored according to your size and fitting, especially when you like them stitched in a certain manner by a specific tailor which you have always preferred over the years.

How To Create A Signature Look

If you are someone in your early twenties, and you feel that chinos are designed specifically for you, then you should definitely make them your signature look. If there is a certain type of material which you like to wear as compared to the others, then you can easily incorporate it as your signature style. You can even make a certain brand of clothes and even a specific style of shoes your signature look. The idea is to simply wear whatever you like, however you like and whenever you like!

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