Professional Dress Guide 2022: Get Ready For Work

Professional Dress Guide For Work

What should I wear today is a dilemma faced by women every day? More often than not, it is tougher to choose an outfit for work that is both chic and professional, and definitely a head-turner. Women have become avid participants in the working world, and are making their mark in every field out there. They exude confidence, are creative thinkers, and know what to do. Yet, choosing their work attire in 2022 remains a point of confusion. Here are some quick tricks to a flawless and professional outfit. 

1) Dress For Your Surroundings

When searching your wardrobe for the outfit of the day, you must remember the environment of your workplace, think of it as the baseline to your picks. For the corporate world stick to more conservative attire like suits, with oxfords and minimal jewelry. While for workplaces with a more relaxed approach to dress code, you can choose flamboyant outfits that show off your personality. However, for either kind of place, your ensemble must give a certain aura of professionalism.

Dress For Your Surroundings

2) Wear It Like It Was Made For You

It is necessary in a professional setup that your clothes fit you like a second skin, snug yet comfortable, not too tight yet not too loose. For this, you must shop meticulously for your size. Avoid wearing anything that gives a sloppy look to your outfit. With that in mind, clothes that reveal too much are a definite no, no. Your hemline should be till your knees at the least, an inch or two above the knees is acceptable but nothing further. For the neckline, a couple of inches below the collarbone and that's your limit. Anything below that will join the unacceptable bunch. 

Wear It Like It Was Made For You

3) Better Over-Dressed Than Under-Dressed

It's a common mistake to dress down than over. Make it a rule to never dress down, considering that it's always easier to dress down an outfit than it is to dress up one. For work, limit the casualness of your outfit to slacks and straight jeans, without rips or tears, with sweaters, blazers, and custom-fit dress shirts on top to neutralize the effect of the jeans.

Better Over-Dressed Than Under-Dressed

4) Experiment Occasionally

It is a welcome change to take risks occasionally and dress a little funkier. Utilize bright scarves, pick some eccentric jewelry, a new hairstyle, without going overboard, of course. Patterns, new prints, and vibrant colors lighten up your outfits and are an eye-pleasing change, every once in a while. 

Experiment Occasionally
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