Let’s Find Out What Your Clothing Color Choice Says About You

Let’s Find Out What Your Clothing Color Choice Says About You

When you look at your closet with a coffee cup in hand, you may think beyond the weather and consider important aspects of the upcoming day like what special you are going to do today or whom you are going to meet today?  Perhaps, the most significant, what's your mood today? Different clothing colors projects different aura & meanings and the color that you pick is one of the first things anyone notices about you.  Not only this, it also influences how others perceive you.  So, let Tashiara helps you to find out the meaning hidden behind the popular clothing colors.

Black It is classy and timeless, and symbolizes power or authority.


White: It is popular because it perfectly goes with everything. It signifies balance, harmony and perfection.


Red: It is a powerful, bright color that conveys warmth, energy and passion.


Yellow: It is an attention grabbing color that stimulates mental inspiration, creativity and energy.


Pink: It is perceived as feminine and romantic.


Blue: It's reminiscent of the ocean and sky. Blue signifies the feelings of trust, calm and confidence.


Green: It is synonymous to harmony, calmness, freshness and health.


Turquoise: Relaxes sensations of stress and increases intuition & sensitivity.


Purple: It is a color of transformation and loyalty that connotes with luxury, wealth and sophistication.


Gold: It symbolizes self-confidence, creativity, authority and perfection.



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