8 Outdated Beauty Rules to Break in 2022

Outdated Beauty Rules To Break Leave

Rules are always made to be broken.  This old adage stands true when it comes to the world of beauty. Makeup is about creativity & self-expression and frankly speaking, we don’t want anyone putting restrictions on that! So, blow out caution to the wind and embrace your inner rebel. Take a step ahead, break the outdated beauty rules with careless abandon, you have our permission (not that you need it). After all, there is no such thing as a beauty jail.

Outdated Beauty Rules That You Must Leave in 2022

#1 Never Ever Curl Your Eyelashes After Mascara

Almost all of us have head this one, right? The reason behind this restriction is that aggressive curling will crimp the eyelashes. Make sure that mascara is completely dry. Otherwise, you will put out some eyelashes while disengaging the curler.

curl eyelashes

#2 Hair Needs a Trim in Every Five to Seven Weeks

Maybe, if you have bangs otherwise there is no such need for frequent salon visits.

hair trim

#3 You Should Exfoliate Every Day

Nothing can beat the soft, clean, and healthy skin you get after exfoliation but experts actually don’t recommend exfoliation every day or every other day.


#4 Apply Face Makeup After Finishing Your Eyes

This still applies but before you wear eye makeup, try to apply a thick layer of translucent powder. However, wiping it later will take away stray eye shadow along with it.

apply makeup

#5 Brushing Your Hair Makes It Stronger & Healthier

Not for frizzy or curly hair, at least! Brushing dry hair is good for straight hair but wavy, frizzy, and curly hair girls should use a comb with a wide-tooth in the shower for tangle-free strands.

brushing hair

#6 Hairstyles Should Be Neat

Messy buns and braids look effortless and are chicer than the straight-laced equivalent.
messy bun

#7 Don’t Wear Makeup While Going To The Gym

We are in favor of you doing whatever makes you look and feel good. So, if you want to workout while wearing mascara or eyeliner, go for it. Try to stay away from bronzer and foundation as they can clog your skin pores.

makeup at gym

#8 Brushes Are Best For Applying Makeup

Makeup savvy artists often use brushes for putting on makeup to get a flawless finish but for the rest of others, applying eyeshadow and foundation using fingers help to warm up the product for a more natural result.

makeup with brushes

If you also know some outdated beauty rules, please don't forget to share it with us.  Now, let's watch this amazing VIDEO on "10 Beauty Rules Kylie Jenner Always Swear By" presented by 'TheTalko'.


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