French Braid Bun Step by Step Tutorial (How to Make)

How To Make A French Braid Bun Step by Step Tutorial

It comes with no surprise that Indian girls and women are blessed with long, strong, and shiny black hair to take pride in. With our daily grooming tips and natural home remedies, we try to take the good care of our hair in the best possible ways, not to forget the beautiful and elegant hairstyles. We moisturize, oil, and condition our hair but what we tend to overlook is our hairdo.

With every attire, you choose different earrings that would complement your outfit. Not only this, but you also choose perfect footwear, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and even bindi; then why not experiment with your hairstyles. Indian hairstyles for long and strong hair are innumerable. They tend to make you look not only beautiful but also extremely traditional. These days, french braid and french knot buns are hitting the fashion industry. 

A French braid bun may appear quite complicated, but you can learn step by step from this blog post and instantly intensify your look into that of a stylish diva. Also, don't forget to watch the VIDEO available at the bottom of the post. 

DIY Step-by-Step Tutorial To Make A French Braid Bun in 2024 (How-to Guide)

Step 1

First of all, comb your hair to make them soft, smooth, and tangle-free. Then, using a thin-lined comb make a ponytail leaving some front hair.

french braid bun step by step

Step 2

Start from the hairline, take a section of hair from the top of the head to make a French braid. Divide hair into 3 equal strands using the fingers, two sections should be from the hair which was rest untied in front and take one section from the ponytail. Now, hold the pony hair section in the right hand, left section of hair in the left hand, and the central section of hair between the thumb and another finger of either hand.

How do u do a French braid bun?

Step 3

To start the braid, cross the right section of hair over the middle section and then repeat this step with the left section, smoothing hair down as you go. Pull all the sections equally tight; you don’t want your braid to become loose.

Step 4

Before you repeat cross-over motion with the right section, take some additional hair from the ponytail and add it to this section. Now, do it with the left section too.

Step 5

Keep braid on the upper side of the pony, repeat adding hair, and cross-over motion until you gathered all the additional hair strands. Once, all the additional strands gathered, continue braiding in a regular style braid till it reaches the end of the hair.

Take the braided end on the left side and wrap it in a counter-clockwise direction around the bun.

Step 7

Secure the French braid bun with pins to keep in its place.

Step 8

Give a final touch with a few spritzes of hairspray.

Watch This Quick VIDEO Tutorial on French Braid Side Bun presented by Missy Sue

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