Top 10 Eyelash Extension Kits for Beginner DIY Application

Eyelash Extension Kits

Long, lush lashes are now easier than ever to achieve with convenient at-home eyelash extension kits. No need to book time-consuming salon appointments and pay expensive technician fees. With the right starter kit, you can apply eyelash extensions right in your own home. This guide covers the 10 best kits for DIY lash application, perfect for beginners. We’ll outline what’s included in each of the best eyelash extension kits, key features, ease of use and price points. Read on for everything you need to know to pick the ideal eyelash extension kit for your skills and budget.

1) Lavaa Lashes Classic Eyelash Extension Kit

The Lavaa Lashes kit has all the essentials for applying classic eyelash extensions at home. It comes with a full selection of synthetic mink lashes in sizes ranging from 8mm-16mm. The kit includes everything needed for a starter lash set like adhesive glue, silicone gel pads, applicators and micro-brushes.

There are multiple lash trays for organization while you work. The kit also contains an instruction guide walking you through the entire application process step-by-step. For the price, this is one of the best classic lash extension starter kits for beginners. 

2) MUAS Professional Eyelash Extension Kit 

This professional-grade kit is perfect for learning to apply eyelash extensions with different curls and lengths. It contains a range of lashes from gentle 9mm J-curls to intense 12mm CC-curls. You’ll have options for subtle daytime sets and glam night-out lashes.

Everything needed for application is included like lash glue, disposable applicators, micro-pore medical tape and eyelid stickers. The tweezers included have a precise slanted tip ideal for picking up and placing lashes. With the required detailed instructions, you'll be applying like a pro in no time.

3) SODIAL Complete Eyelash Extension Kit

For those looking for an affordable starter kit, the SODIAL is a great value option. It includes a full selection of synthetic silk lashes ranging from 8mm to 14mm lengths. You get a total of 22 trays holding over 400 lashes for many applications.

The kit contains sturdy latex-free adhesive as well as disposable applicators, bonding glue, gel pads, micro-brushes and an instruction guide. The quality is impressive given the budget price point. Just note this kit does not include tweezers.

4) Kitty Lashes Eyelash Extension Training Kit
Kitty Lashes offers this high-quality starter kit with an array of silk lashes for different looks. It has varying lash lengths from 6mm to 17mm, allowing you to create both natural and dramatic sets. The kit contains everything needed to apply classic lashes yourself. 

It comes with strong semi-permanent latex-free glue, hand-crafted wooden slanted tweezers, disposable applicators and micro-brushes for precision. There is also a detailed digital instructional manual covering isolation, application and aftercare. The useful storage case keeps all the components neatly organized.

5) MOOLF Complete Eyelash Extension Kit 

For maximum value, the MOOLF kit includes over 300 silk eyelash extensions separated into 5 different lash trays. You have options for creating subtle everyday looks as well as glamorous statement lashes at home. The kit contains the essential glue, tools and instructions too.

Everything you need comes neatly packed in a portable carrying case with different compartments to stay organized. The kit includes latex-free adhesive, silicone gel pads, disposable applicators, micro-brushes and stainless steel tweezers. For the quality and quantity of components, this kit offers exceptional value.

6) Acelashes Eyelash Extension Kit with DVD

A standout feature of this kit is the inclusion of a step-by-step instructional DVD to guide your application. It's perfect for visual learners who want to clearly see the process. There are also online video tutorials for extra reference.

Beyond the DVD, you get high-quality synthetic soft lashes, strong semi-permanent glue formulated to last safely on lashes for weeks, disposable applicators, micro-brushes, eyelid gel patches and an instruction manual. Everything is well-organized in a compact carrying case.

7) Velour Lashes Fluff n Stuff Lash Kit

Velour offers premium quality mink and silk lash extensions in this convenient kit. The lightweight synthetic mink lashes create a very natural fluttery look. For a touch more drama, use the silk lashes in lengths from 13mm to 16mm. 

The kit comes in a sleek leatherette case to keep all the components neatly in place. It contains gentle latex-free adhesive, curler, applicators and an instruction guide. With premium materials, this kit creates flawless professional looking lash sets without a salon.

8) Lashview Eyelash Extension Kit for Beginners 

Lashview’s beginner kit allows you to achieve either soft and wispy daytime lashes or amped up glam lashes for events. It includes multi-length silk eyelash extensions ranging from 7mm to 14mm. Everything you need for application at home is also in the kit. 

You get semi-permanent glue, micro applicators, isolation tape, gel pads, cleaning foam, eyelid stickers, and stainless steel tweezers. The detailed instruction manual provides steps for isolation, safe glue usage, application techniques, styling and aftercare. You’ll be applying these extensions like a pro with practice.

9) Luxe Beauty Essentials Eyelash Extension Kit

This is one of the most affordable basic starter kits. The Luxe Beauty kit comes with sleek red cherry lashes of varying lengths from 8mm to 14mm. It contains strong latex-free black glue, disposable dual-sided applicators, micro-brushes and an instruction guide.

While it includes all the essentials, the value reflects in the quality of the lashes and glue. The components are housed in a compact carrying case. For lash beginners on a tight budget, this has all you need to practice application techniques.

10) MOONKONG Professional Eyelash Extension Kit

This professional kit includes an array of silk eyelash extension sizes ranging from 6mm to 14mm. There are also varying curls from natural to glam. Everything needed for DIY application at home is included in the kit. 

You get medical-grade latex free adhesive, disposable applicators, micro brushes, gel pads and an instruction manual for reference. The handy storage case includes a removable tray divider to keep components organized as you work. This quality kit has all the elements for eyelash extension success.

Tips for Using Eyelash Extension Kits 

Starting out applying lash extensions on yourself can have a learning curve. Follow these tips to get the best results from your eyelash extension kit:

a) Carefully read and follow the kit instructions for isolation, glue usage, application and aftercare
b) Have a friend or loved one assist the first few applications until you get the hang of the process
c) Start with a classic lash set in a comfortable setting until you build skills
d) Work near a large mirror or magnifying mirror so you can see the lash line up close
e) Glue no more than 1-2 lashes at a time until the strips feel comfortable
f) Apply lashes working outward from the center of the the lash line for symmetry
g) Avoid water for 24 hours after application to allow glue bonds to fully cure
h) Gently cleanse and brush lashes daily to remove debris and oil buildup
i) Practice makes perfect! Don't get frustrated, your skills will improve with each application


With the abundance of DIY lash kits available, achieving salon-worthy lashes at home is easier than ever. These top 10 picks offer all the materials and guidance beginners need for eyelash extension success. Compare the lash selections, kit components, and ease of use to choose the best starter kit for your needs and budget.

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