Lung Cancer is Health Wrecking: What You Need to Know

Lung Cancer

One of the primary causes of death in the United States is lung cancer. This cancer starts in the lung and within a few months or years, spreads to the other vital internal organs of the body. Early symptoms might be hard to detect, but the sooner you diagnose the symptoms of lung cancer, the better treatment options you can choose. 

Cancer surgeons use chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation to treat lung cancer symptoms. Nowadays, newer therapies such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy have also been introduced. Here’s a guide that would help you know everything about lung cancer, from the symptoms to the causes and types. 

Early Signs of Lung Cancer 

During the early stages of lung cancer, you might not notice any moderate symptoms. Even if early symptoms do occur, they will include signs of back pain, shortness of breath, etc. The tumor sometimes will cause tremendous pressure on your lungs. When it’s spread to your ribs and spinal cords, you will experience back pain. Other early symptoms of lung cancer are:

●  Severe cough 
●  Fatigue and weakness 
●  Hoarseness 
●  Coughing blood 
●  Chest pain 
●  Weight loss 

Late Signs of Lung Cancer 

The late symptoms of lung cancer will put a massive toll on your body. These additional symptoms will depend on the location of the tumor. Not everyone with the second stage of cancer will experience the same late signs. Some common late symptoms of lung cancer are:

●  Headaches 
●  Numbness in the leg 
●  Lumps in the collarbone 
●  Shoulder pain 
●  Yellow eyes and skin 
●  Balance issues 
●  Body swelling 

When your body develops lung cancer, it can release a substance that will cause other types of symptoms known as paraneoplastic syndrome. These symptoms are:

●  High blood sugar 
●  Muscle weakness 
●  Seizures 
●  Confusion 
●  Vomiting 

Causes of Lung Cancer 

Even though anyone can develop cancer in their lung, most of the cases of lung cancer are caused due to smoking. As per Healthline, smoking causes lung cancer. Smoke will start damaging your lung the moment you inhale it. The lung cells will start behaving abnormally upon being damaged. This increases the risk of lung cancer. 

Chain smokers and heavy smokers will develop small-cell lung cancer quickly. Hazardous substances such as radon, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, chromium, and uranium can also develop tumors. The second most common cause of lung cancer in the United States is overexposure to radon. 

Types of Lung Cancer 

There are multiple types of lung cancers. NSCLC and SCLC are two of the most common type of lung cancer. In some rare cases, a person can develop tumors containing both these cells. 

●  NSCLC: Over 80% of Lung cancer cases are non-small cell lung cancer. The symptoms of NSCLC can be treated effectively during the early stages. 
●  SCLC: Over 20% of lung cancer cases are small-cell lung cancer. SCLC is more aggressive than NSCLC. 


Lung cancer will make your body go through extreme physical pain. Not only it would affect your mental health but also your loved ones. Quit smoking today to heal your lungs. If you’re noticing possible symptoms, consider a proper diagnosis as soon as possible. 

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