What are the Age Restrictions for Getting Lip Fillers?

Lip Fillers

There are age restrictions on getting certain cosmetic treatments in the US, including lip filler. This is to ensure the person undergoing the treatment is in a sound state of body and mind. To learn more about the age restrictions regarding dermal filler for the lips, read below.

What Age Do You Have to Be to Get Lip Filler?

The age limit for getting lip injections in the United States is the same all across the country. You must be at least 21 years old to get fillers, and if you're under this age, then your cosmetic physician can't proceed with the treatment. However, if you have formal permission from your parents, you may receive fillers on your lips if you're at least 18 years old. The need for formal parental consent goes away at age 21.

Is There an Upper Age Limit?

Lip-enhancing treatments may be the most popular for those in their 20s and 30s, but there's no upper age limit on the treatment. In fact, many middle-aged and older people may find that the treatment benefits them greatly if they're seeking to tweak their appearance. Check out this site to see a range of treatments you may consider if you'd like to enhance your appearance.

Cosmetic physicians generally do a consultation before arranging to give you the treatment. So, if they find a reason that fillers in your lips would not benefit you or be safe for you, then they'll let you know when they won't proceed with the treatment. However, as dermal fillers are safe, regulated, and non-invasive, there won't often be an issue for older people who wish to get this treatment done.

Why is the Lower Age Limit on Fillers So High?

Understandably, you might ask why you have to be 21 to get fillers without parental permission. After all, there are some invasive cosmetic procedures that you can get at 18 years old without parental permission, and some invasive cosmetic procedures can be performed even younger. However, cosmetic procedures are generally not endorsed for teenagers and adolescents as teenage and adolescent bodies are still developing. There are also several other reasons there is a higher age limit on fillers for lips, and these are outlined below.

It's About Safety

FDA-approved treatments undergo rigorous safety testing. However, safety testing regarding fillers has largely been done on individuals aged 21 and over. This doesn't mean that getting fillers for individuals between the ages of 18 and 20 is unsafe.

As most of the safety testing has been done on people over 21, it's simply within everyone's best interests that this be the lower age limit for a procedure without parental permission.

It's About Maturity

People of all ages often have unrealistic expectations when it comes to cosmetic treatments such as fillers for lips. However, adults may have the easiest time coming to terms with an outcome that doesn't meet their very high expectations of what lip-enhancing treatments can do. Individuals over the age of 21 also have a more fully developed brain. This may help give individuals over 21 the ability to grasp more realistic expectations.

Treatments such as fillers should only be gotten in moderation, and it may be easier for young people to get caught up in the thrill of tweaking their appearance and aligning themselves with the type of appearances they see online. Being older also gives you more time to learn about lip-enhancing fillers in full.

It's About the Cost

Low-cost, low-quality fillers are not as safe as more expensive, rigorously tested fillers injected by trained professionals. Sometimes they're not safe at all. However, younger individuals may find it difficult to afford high-quality, safer treatments, so they might opt for lower-cost, unsafe options.

It's better to wait until you have more income before you decide to take the leap into getting fillers. Staying safe and healthy is always more important than altering your appearance.

It's About Self Love

It may be tempting to get cosmetic treatments because you want to look like people with appearances you admire, and that's fine. However, you should also be able to practice self-love by embracing what you view as your imperfections. Learning to have self-love may help you learn to love how you look without fillers. And, if you still want fillers when you're a little older, you're more likely to have a better mindset going into it.

Adults must be at least 21 to undergo lip enhancement treatments, but treatments can also be done between the ages of 18 and 20 with parental permission. Although it's a safe treatment, there are valid reasons the FDA and cosmetic physicians recommend individuals wait until they're a little older before getting the treatment done.

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