The Most Iconic Private Jets in History

Iconic Private Jets

There is nothing sleeker and more exciting than a private jet, and years ago, these incredible machines of flight were untouchable to the average person. A private jet was only reserved for the uber-rich, but times have changed, and today, you can book one for your travel destination and enjoy this unique aviation experience and freedom.

Here are some of the most iconic private jets in history:

1. Lockheed Jetstar

The "King of Rock and Roll" was the proud owner of a 1962 Jetstar L-1329 that was purchased one year before his death. Elvis Presley enjoyed his star status while being flown around in this beautiful aircraft that he also shared with his father, Vernon Presley.

The four-engine Lockheed Jetstar debuted in 1957 and featured seating for up to 10 passengers and a two-member crew. It was seen as a grand business jet and became quite popular among VIPs, including Frank Sinatra and President Lyndon B. Johnson who called the Jetstar his "Air Force One and Half."

Elvis's roomy Jetstar boasted a red velvet interior with a shag carpet in the main cabin. Today, the private jet is in the hands of a new owner who grabbed it for $260,000.

Lockheed Jetstar

2. Learjet 23

In 1963, the first Learjet took flight, and there was no turning back! Corporate bigwigs and Hollywood's finest hopped on board the Learjet23, which soared 50,000 feet above the earth. The original was designed as a six-to-eight-seat twinjet, high-speed business jet, and the wealthy enjoyed traveling across the world in such a quality-built aircraft with amazingly high performance.

Frank Sinatra also owned a Learjet23 to shuttle him and his famous Rat-Pack pals rapidly back and forth between Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Sinatra's home in Palm Springs.

The Learjet 23 is no match for today's speediest aircraft, but back in the 1960s and 1970s, it could reach a top speed of 562 MPH while carrying a full payload. Aviation experts described the Learjet 23 in three words, "stability, style, and speed."

3. Gulfstream II

Grumman designed and built the incredible Gulfstream II for high speed and long-range capability in 1966, and the twin-engine business aircraft did not disappoint. The 12-seat GII, powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce Spey turbofans, could climb 4,350 feet per minute and had a service ceiling of 42,500 feet. Even NASA was intrigued by the private jet and selected the aircraft for its astronauts to train on for practicing space shuttle landings.

The Gulfstream II was also quite a luxury aircraft and was succeeded by the Gulfstream III. In modern flying these days, many people have chosen a Gulfstream G550 for private jet charter flights. The aircraft delivers a smooth, worry-free ride, avoids turbulence, and flies above commercial air traffic while providing superb comfort, large oval windows, and a 1,699-cubic-foot cabin with plenty of natural light.

Gulfstream II

4. Embraer Legacy

You could call Embraer the new kid on the block because the private jet model only debuted in 2001. Just 22 years later, the Legacy series is considered quite the contender in the industry with the technological advancements that come with contemporary private jets.

The Legacy 600/650 series is inspired by the well-known airframe of Embraer's ERJ 135 airliner, and it features excellent space, style, and range with a luxe cabin that can seat up to 13 passengers. The VIP cabin is splendid, with a galley for hot and cold food preparation, a washroom, and a closet. The private jet also boasts hard-to-beat luggage capacity and an advanced cabin management system for lighting, temperature, and entertainment.

These private jets are perfect for both short and long flights. The popular models include the Phenom 300 and Praetor 500.

It's no secret that private jet travel is booming these days, and it's easy to see why. Your time is precious, and flying privately can give you significant advantages such as arranging travel tailored to your schedule, enjoying class, comfort, and luxury, enhancing work productivity as well as relaxing with peace of mind. The private jet industry has a wonderful history, and today it offers the best in amenities and performance.

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