Benefits of Collagen Supplements for Hair

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Collagen is the primary essential protein for overall well-being and hair health. It's a common misconception that collagen only benefits skin tone and texture. It is one of the forms of protein available in abundance in the human body. However, as a person ages, collagen levels continue to decrease. It helps make up and repair everyday wear and tear of ligaments, tendons, skin, and hair. Reduced levels primarily affect your hair health. Hence it is imperative to include collagen tablets for hair in your diet.

Can Collagen Improve Hair Quality?

Your hair is made up of a special protein i.e. keratin. Your body utilizes several amino acids to form keratin. Collagen also includes adequate amounts of keratin in its composition. Hence, when you consume collagen tablets for hair, your body breaks it down into several amino acids. These amino acids are further utilized to form new proteins and compounds. 

Collagen comprises three non-essential amino acids: hydroxyproline, proline, and glycine. Proline is the fundamental component of keratin. Therefore consuming these tablets provides your body with the building blocks needed to repair and create new hair. Besides, free radicals damage your cells, DNA, and hair follicles. It acts as a powerful antioxidant. It fights free radicals and prevents any further damage to your hair. It also helps delay age-related hair greying and prevents premature greying

As you continue to age, your body becomes less efficient in producing collagen, which contributes to the strength and elasticity of the dermis. Hence your hair tends to grow thinner and turn white with time. Several studies have shown improved hair health upon daily consumption of collagen supplements for 12 weeks. It also protects the skin containing hair roots and prevents hair loss and thinning. 

Benefits of Collagen Supplements:

●  Increasing air pollution has reduced air quality and affects various body parts and organs. Many people suffer from brittle hair that looks lifeless. Collagen can effectively dry brittle strands with increased levels of hydration.
●  It keeps the hair follicles strong and supple and promotes luscious locks with reduced signs of age-related or genetic hair loss. 
●  The tablets are hydrolyzed, which enables them to get quickly absorbed and utilized in the human body. 
●  Skin mainly comprises collagen to help fight all free radicals. The human body needs antioxidants to fight and protect skin cells and greying hair. 
●  Since it is naturally produced in the human body, supplements are safer than chemical treatments for hair loss. 
●  It helps rebuild new hair follicles and improves and repairs the deepest layers holding hair.
●  It helps replenish damaged or dead hair follicles by continuously supporting the hair follicle structure.
●  Boost proline from the supplements provides the necessary tools to build healthy hair. 

Bottom Line

Collagen improves your hair's health and restores your shaft's well-being. A healthy scalp is imperative for healthy and shiny hair locks. It delivers essential nutrition to hair follicles and improves blood flow. The hair shaft is the base unit that promotes stronger hairs and prevents greying and breakage. 

While there are many benefits of including collagen supplements in your diet, it depends on the quality of the supplements you consume. Supplements vary based on the source and quality of protein. Invest in a trusted brand with supplements that are easy to digest and absorb for your body. Type 1 collagen is observed to prevent hair loss and restore scalp health effectively. This supplement contributes the most to your body. Look for tablets with ingredients like Zinc, Silica, Selenium, etc.

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