5 Expert Tips to Buy The Right Necklace for You

Tips to Buy The Right Necklace

You can create a focal point on your body with the right necklace and it can pull together any outfit. To determine your special body proportions, you need to first understand standard necklace lengths.

A necklace is an essential accessory for any woman. It can symbolize your love for your partner, a sign of affection, or simply be an awesome way to boost your confidence. Even though necklaces are widely regarded as a feminine item, they can be worn by any woman who feels confident and wants to show it. 

When choosing a necklace length, it’s best to start with the neckline you desire. Then, determine how much coverage you want. You can go longer if you want a more dramatic effect, or shorter if you want something subtle. Next, decide whether you want a wrap, drape, or layering style. Finally, take into account your own unique features and body type.

So without further ado, here are some expert tips from PurpleMay Jewellery on how to buy the perfect neckpiece for you. 

Look for the meaning behind your necklace choice. In other words, why are you choosing this particular piece?

Chokers, crescent moons, double circles, and more are often associated with the word ‘femininity’, while simple crosses can also be worn by women of any age. While certain pieces may be more suited to one personality than another, the general rule of thumb is this: If you’re not sure what type of necklace you need, go with the one that means the most to you.

1. Choose a necklace considering different necklines and sizes 

When it comes to choosing the right piece for your neckline, there are many options. The most obvious way would be to try it on. If it feels comfortable, great! Whenever it doesn't work, you still can try a different one or replace it. 

When it comes to sizing, you can either go by the size chart that comes with the item or choose a size on the internet that is meant for your body type. A loose necklace will cover your shoulders, a modest necktie will cover your neck, and a choker will only pull your hair back. Choose the size that will work best for you if you're unsure. There is not a one-size-fits-all option for a woman because her body type varies widely.

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2. Find a necklace that complements your individuality and sense of style

Many people buy a necklace and then never wear it. They keep it in a jewelry box and only think about it when they want to gift it to someone. There are numerous approaches you can take. Finding a necklace design, you love is the initial step. Once you have that, look for ways to make it your own. For instance, when you love skulls, you can choose a black and reddish necklace. If you like animals, you can get a panda-themed pendant set. If you like sports, you can get a crossbow necklace. If you enjoy horror movies, you can get a horror skull necklace. And so on.

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3. Consider your face shape and neck size

If you are not sure which face shape goes with your necklace, there are many ways to go about this. Whenever it relates to this, there is no universally applicable solution. You can either choose a style that has a variety of faces to choose from or, if you are unsure which one goes with your complexion, go with the most versatile color. 

Then when it comes to the right size for your neck, there are many options. When buying a larger size, you will be adding more material to the neck area. This type of extra material can be stretching the stitches in your neck and potentially cause stabbing pain. But when choosing a smaller size, you are likely adding less material to the neck area. This can be a better option if you have a smaller neck or find it uncomfortable to wear a large necklace when you are young.

4. Consider your body type

If you are not sure whether your body type would benefit from a particular necklace, there is a good chance it will not. The right size for everyone is subjective and based on the individual’s neck size, body type, and the type of necklace you wish to wear. There are many instances where wearing a larger necklace is harmful to your health. For example, when you wear a bulky necklace, you are putting extra pressure on your neck and body, making it much harder to breathe. But when you wear a small necktie, you are only doing yourself (and others) a disservice by asking them to hold their breath for a short while.

5. Consider your height and celebrate small wins!

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to choosing the right size for your neck is to consider your height. Some people are tall and have necklaces that will fall off their necks when they are sitting down. If you are unsure whether your neckpiece would fit you or not, try it on with a scarf or pair of gloves on. You can wear it above or below the collarbone depending on the style of your shirt or jacket. 

Finally, when it comes to the finishing touches, and if you have been struggling to find the right piece for years and finally found the perfect one, it is best to make sure to celebrate this with your partner. If they like it, great! If not, you have still done your part to make their collection a little more impressive and you can celebrate this at home.

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Necklaces are a universal symbol of love and friendship. They can be worn to show your support for a partner, to show off your latest necklace, or as a thoughtful gift for someone you care about. Regardless of their meaning, necklaces are a necessity for every woman who owns one. But choosing the perfect one can be difficult because so many necklaces look alike. The above expert tips to buy the perfect necklace for you will surely help you to choose the right one.

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